Absolutely No Desire

I just finished watching an older movie by the title of “The Day After (1983) American Nuclear Holocaust”. Having never seen this movie I thought it a rather good choice. Really the weather is horrid yet again. I killed myself with the snow shoveling today after last nights nasty storm of heavy snow and rain and more snow. So what better to do than hunker down with Otis and watch a movie.

I thought I had seen all of the Day After and day after type movies. I have to say I certainly have not. If this movie is 10 % accurate as to what the after fact is, let me tell you I have no interest in even attempting to survive something like that. I would actually pray that one of those bombs lands on me or directly beside me.

I had thought that if something of that nature were to happen that Otis and I could sneak away to our trailer and make the best of it. Truth told that there  really is no best of it. whether it is a bomb that goes off or some issue at the nuclear plant with in walking distance from here, count me out.

Who in there right mind would ever even think about creating something that could and can cause total mass destruction and devastation. Just the thought of the threats that are thrown around about launching a nuclear devise from now on will so nothing less to me than making me want to run to the nearest bathroom to toss my cookies. Why would anyone ever consider the thought of such a thing.

There is no second chance after the fact. Anyone within range may as well as just give up as I will, as there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. After the destruction, there has to be some sort of clean up (not likely) and then of course you have to sit and wait how many hundreds if not thousands of years for the land to be usable again.

What the chuck farlie? Why is any Country allowed to have such weapons? Sure you hear on the news how so many countries are up in arms and threatening sanctions against countries that even dream about such a weapon. What about the countries that already possess that weapon? The United States, the former Soviet Union, China and I don’t know what other countries. time has come to stand up become human beings. Stop with the bull shit, the pissing contests or who’s dick is bigger contests.

While nuclear has it’s good points, there are far to many people that do not have their heads on straight enough to be given the power to make a decision of that nature. Right now is the time to dismantle each and every one of those nuclear warheads. What the fuck, who dreams this shit up? It is true this world is made up and powered by some pretty sick fucks.

I think that somewhere it must be written that in order to become a person of importance and to hold any office of power you have to be diagnosed with some severe form of Mental Disability. Look at those people that are in power now in so many countries that are no nothing less than mentally incompetent. The thought of that is really scary.

Oh the last few bits of the movie were a written blurb about how the depictions of the destruction and devastation in the movie were most likely not near as bad as what it would really be like.

I hope that we have enough warning if and when the day comes. Because I do not want to be around to see the aftermath.

And on that note I hope you all had a fantastic Super Bowl Weekend!!!


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  1. If the movie The Day After (1983) American Nuclear Holocaust didn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps you might get more out if the UK version. The UK movie is called “Threads” (Nuclear War) 1984, made about the same conflict as The Day After was based upon. This movie is more disturbing than the first one. It really lays down what the surviving population has to look forward to.
    One thing that is apparent is that no matter where you live, if you fall victim to a nuclear attack or accident, you are really on your own. There is no government that will be prepared to look after the people after the fact.
    What a tragedy will be bestowed upon the survivors.

  2. I visited the ‘Secret Nuclear Bunker’ at Kelvedon Hatch (http://www.secretnuclearbunker.com/) a while back, which is a network of underground tunnels under a seemingly innocuous farmhouse out in the countryside, originally designed to be used by the ‘select few’ in case of a nuclear war. It’s now a museum.

    Aside from seeing the theory of how folk would have lived down the shelter, it was horribly chilling to view all the UK materials that were distributed round the general public, even as late as the 1980s. For example, the Protect & Survive public information films – all very twee & dated but actually horrific when you consider their content: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC44EDE738AC365B3 (I think some parts are shown in Threads).

    It was hugely disturbing watching these in a concrete bunker well underground – I shuddered when it got to the bit about it telling you to put your dead outside with a label showing their name tied to the foot!

    Reading the museum displays (& also using basic common sense – eg would sticking brown paper on your windows really have protected you from radiation?), you can see how it was all just government propaganda to keep the masses occupied & make them think they were doing something useful, to try & stop mass hysteria.

    Another UK film from around that time is the animation When The Wind Blows (I couldn’t find a reputable YouTube link with a swift).

    My friends & I set up a youth CND group at school, as it was such a disturbing concept. As you say, in the event of such a catastrophe, the best course of action would be not to survive. Even to actually head toward the epicentre, just to ensure you have a swift (& thus more merciful) demise!

    Have a good week.


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