It Is What It Is

In about an hour and twenty minutes from now, it will be one week since I said good bye to my little buddy. While it was really hard to accept  his passing. The fluctuation of guilt and relief. I know what had to be done and did it. I can live with what had to be done and know that it was the right decision.

It was hard to get past the first few days and nights without Otis. Waking in the night to ensure that Otis had enough space in the bed or getting up in the night and searching the floor so as not to step on him. The majority of Otis’s toys have been cleaned and passed along to another puppy for hopefully years more of use.

I think (know) it was probably  a subconscious thing, but in the midst of the thunder storms last night I could have sworn that I had Otis crawl up on the bed with me. I remember looking at him and he was sleeping so peacefully curled up there unlike his normal stance of being spread eagle on his back snoring up a storm that would put any good size freight train to shame.

Totally At Peace

Totally At Peace

That was the first nocturnal visitation (for lack of better words) that I have encountered of Otis. With it brought so much peace and serenity. Did he come back for a short visit? Well I will never be able to know that for sure. But I would like to believe that he did so he could check up on me to ensure that I too am okay and at peace.

Have a happy day everyone.

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brightest blessings