What Is The Truth

Last Thursday (May 22)  in the wee hours of the morning, I had something strange take place. Whether it was my subconscious or what I think that I will probably never know. This was by coincidence 1 week after I had to say good by to Otis.

I was awoken by a familiar licking on my face and then I could feel the familiar little body squeezing up beside me under the covers and drifting off to sleep. I did not fully wake up, It was not a scary incident but rather a refreshing, good feeling. One that was so familiar to me after have had this every night for nearly six years.

Yesterday, while having my morning coffee. I wandered over to Otis’s grave and talked a little bit with him and just say the usual stuff about how much I missed him and how much I loved him and how sorry I was that I could not make him better and have him with me.

After my visit I sat and was thinking about death. About how we actually do not know jack about what happens to us when the time comes. Sure the Bible tells us we will go to heaven and how wonderful this place is. In reality, the bible was written by several people. It has been re-written how many times, it has been interpreted by how many people.

The truth of the matter is that no one knows what is what. No one has ever come back to tell anyone what is on the other side. Is there an other side? Is it everything that we have been lead to believe it is? Are we reunited with loved ones when we get there?

Do we Even go anywhere? Perhaps our energy is absorbed and used in another being giving them the chance at life. Do we leave our body and go directly into another? Do we become the energy of another species?

The truth of this is that no one knows, we all have believes of what is to become of us but NO ONE KNOWS.

My version of the after life is certainly different than every other being on this planet, just like everyone else. We all have our own interpretation.

While I would like to believe that I will be reunited with others that have gone before me, that in reality may just be a faery tale.

No matter what the truth is. People must adhere to one thing in life. Treat everyone that you cross paths with, respectfully. Be considerate, help those who can not help themselves. Go above and beyond in daily life. Remember that one small act of random kindness can change the world. (at the very least it can certainly change one persons day) Secondly remember to smile, let those that you love know that you love them. Do not take for granted that they know, tell them. Never end time spent with someone on bad terms. (it may well affect the rest of your days)

I am not telling you that the Bible is wrong or right. All I am saying is that we do not know jack.

Have yourselves a great day.

Brightest Blessings