Determination And Or Obsession

Otis much like me has an obsession or determination. Although they are much different, the power is the same.

Otis is totally obsessed with my housemates two cockatiels. Oscar and Lulu. Oscar is a tad on the demented side and has his own special quirks. Lulu is just a quiet timid bird. Otis no matter where in the house he is, if he hears the name Oscar mentioned or hears the door to the bird cage or thinks he hears it. You want to see a little blind dog run. No matter what he is doing. He bee-lines it for the cage. Otis and Oscar have a unique relationship. Oscar loves the attention no matter what form of creature it is coming from. When out of the cage, Oscar will do fly by’s over and around Otis. Now has gotten braver and started landing close by on the floor. Oscar I think has figured out that Otis can not see so is brave enough to be stupid. Feeling that no matter what he will be able to escape before Otis can figure out exactly where he is.

Lulu playing peek a boo with Otis, while he waits for someone to open the cage and let them out.

Lulu playing peek a boo with Otis, while he waits for someone to open the cage and let them out.

While Otis has his obsession with the cockateils I have determination beyond normal to wrap my brain around my Ukulele. I spend time every day with one of my 3 Ukulele’s. Sometimes it is while I am watching a movie, keeping the strings muted and strumming and strumming and strumming. Other times it is actually playing pieces of music that I have found online that are in the form of fingerstyle. And other times attempts at playing songs that come in the form of chords that require strumming and proper finger placement and movement. How ever there is not a day that goes by that I don’t have some interaction with an instrument.


Having spent money and time and not having great success, I have not given up.  Much like Otis, I sit patiently awaiting for the gate to open.

Now comes the question, which is which? Determination and or Obsession.


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