If You Want To Travel, Then You Must Accept …

This is a bit disturbing and will make me sound as if I am an uncaring individual. Which by the way could not be farther from the truth.

This is the second such incident in just as many months, where a Canadian traveler has been detained in Cuba.

I do not understand why those travelers do not get it. You are not at home Toto, you must abide by the laws of the land. No one can come and take you home, so accept the fact that you are there to stay and quite possibly for a very long time.

In Cuba the law is pretty clear. Non-residents that are involved in a vehicular accident in which there  has been the loss of life, you are not permitted to leave the country until such time as you can prove that you were not at fault.

The first incident I heard about involved a young man, who rented a car and then drove off to some gathering. When the occasion had completed he chose to drive back to the resort that he was staying at. On the way there, he was involved in an accident in which someone lost there life. This young fellow has been trying hard as he might to have the Canadian government rescue him and bring him home.

The second incident involved a Young mother who took it upon herself to rent a scooter and take her 3 year old for a ride. Despite the warnings of the Canadian Government as well as warnings against it from the Cuban Officials. This young lady deemed it would be safe and took the risk. I am so saddened to have heard that she was involved in an accident within the first 5 minutes, and even sadder to say that the child was unable to be saved. This young lady is still in hospital in Cuba getting healthy. How ever she is not permitted to come back to Canada until such time as she meets the requirement of proof of innocence to the Cuban Government.

Again is a case of wanting the Canadian Government to bring her back home.

I fully understand the reasons behind these actions. If the persons involved do come home and at some point down the road after much investigation it is discovered that they were indeed at fault, The chances of getting them back to Cuba to face the consequences are slim to none. People need to realize that not all countries are like Canada were you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I just so happens that Cuba is one of those countries where it is up to you to prove your innocence.

I am sorry that these people are having to go through this, And more so for the losses that they have had to endure. One must stand up and take responsibility for ones actions. When you go to a foreign land you must be sure to understand the laws of the land. You may just happen to be in a position where you find yourself guilty until such time as you can prove your innocence.

Just a word of advice to those would be travelers. Take the time to understand the laws of the land. Take heed to warnings about doing or not doing things in the country that you are visiting when expressed by your own government. They have good reason for issuing those warnings.

As Spring Break is fast approaching I would hope that those would be travelers take this advice. It can only help you to enjoy your vacation that much more.


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  1. I agree – heed the warnings, obey the customs. I also feel for those undergoing detainment, but it is something travellers need to be aware of, for sure.

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