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  1. Truth.
    Amazing concept.
    People can’t even agree on truth these days. Give you a f’rinstance:
    last general election here in California, Governor Brown proposed a hike in the state sales tax that would amount to twenty-five cents per every one hundred dollars spent. Twenty-five cents. Per hundred dollars.
    Those supporting the tax said it was a one-quarter per cent increase, and they were right.
    Those against the tax said it was a three per cent increase and they too were right.
    Each of those statements was true.
    The nominal increase was the .25% as advertised, but with the tax having gone from 8.25% (as I recall, might have been different) to 8.5%, THAT was an increase of 3.03 per cent.
    An extra damned quarter on every C-note you spend. And it was going to go to schools largely. A lousy piece of pocket change so High School Seniors could understand the complex math involved in the above calculations that I (at 62) can do in my head.
    People argued over The Truth. There were two ways of looking at it, and each side chose to present the perception of The Truth that advanced their argument.
    Reality is something different entirely. It is that individual perception of The Truth.
    The thermostat is set to sixty, the thermometer says it’s sixty: one person says it’s warm and stuffy, the other one is freezing their ass off and they BOTH believe their perception is The Truth.
    Too much salt, not enough salt.
    The arguments never end and another one always comes up.
    It gets worse with God, even uglier with the Second Amendment.

    Maybe the closest I’ve come to having my concept of (or wish for) the Afterlife that I do believe in was (ready or not, here it comes …) the two-and-a-half hour series finale of “Lost”. Every week, in addition to and aside from a heaping portion of thorough confusion and befuddlement, “Lost” was based on quite a bit of classic Philosophy.

    I have never seen my Uncle Ben or my Mom or my Dad since their passings over four decades ago. But there have been times I truly believe they have spoken to me.
    It wasn’t a thought of mine that I heard in their voice because it sounded like something they would say.
    I truly believe it was them.
    When I needed them the most. When they were the only ones in my life who could either comfort me or guide me or encourage me or slap me upside the head so hard the cheeks of my ass would wiggle.

    All that being said –
    my truth, my reality says that was Otis.
    I still hear my beloved Sundance snoring alongside my bed when I too restless to fall asleep, feel his tender kisses when I’m crying myself to sleep.
    And there are times when I am holding on to her son Frodo, I feel Sundance’s head on my shoulder.

    And that’s the truth.

    Richest of blessings back to you, brother.

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