The Fun Never Stops

Miss Piper never slows down when she is up, thankfully  she has to have naps during the day.

Pee pad training had gone right out the window for a short time. With a bit of persistence we are back on training. Although Piper loves to take care of business outside, I am insistent that we manage with the pee pads and now the new Potty Patch (an artificial grass on a tray). We need to ensure this is learned and we’ll set so we don’t have issues on the boat. Hopefully I will have the boat sometime in the next month.

I believe I am at my limit with the housemate. We had rather I had words this morning with regards to being a pig, the stench from her cats litter box and her insistence of slamming doors for no reason. I ended the conversation because of her nonchalant response with a “go smoke your pot and live in your magical world.”

Back to Piper. Totally blows my mind as to how smart she is. Although very different from my Otis. Unfortunately the can never be a replacement for him. Thank god for memories.

Here is the little princess.


Pardon the picture, I had not figured how to get the flash to work. Once I did Piper had crashed and was sound asleep at my feet.

Have a super day.