Wonderful Day

Not bad for what was suppose to be a rainy day.

Of course my wrench did not arrive for the completion of the van repair. No phone call to even let me know if it has arrived. I really should have just ordered it from the company on the spot instead of dealing with a middle man. He is not going to go out of his way for a $30.00 wrench. It is likely more of an annoyance to him than anything. How ever it also means the loss of sales as I had in mind to purchase complete sets of both metric and standard wrenches so I have good tools for the up n coming boat. I will still purchase the tools just not from him.

I had a busy day today starting almost as soon as I got up. I had a few sips of my coffee and started to dismantle the kitchen a little in order to pull the dish washer out. I am a fool sometimes, I had replaced the hot water hose on the dishwasher, turned the water back on, started to push the dishwasher back in only to get hung up on the new hose. I turned the water off, relocated the hose and pushed the dishwasher back in. forgetting to turn the water back on. This morning after I had gotten the dish washer pulled out, water back on and dishwasher pushed back into place I made a few small changes so that from now on the machine can just be pulled out after undoing two small screws.

From there I moved into the bathroom. I removed the toilet so as to replace the wax ring that was not replaced when the fellow put new floors in a few years ago. after getting everything clean and ready to install the new ring I decided to inspect the toilet and bingo I found a pin size hole that was dripping water, thus creating a puddle on the floor which in turn found it’s way into the basement ceiling.  Along with the bad wax ring leaking and the small whole it caused a lot of damage. The floors had been replaced before I moved here and I have been here for 5 years. So that is in fact a lot of water. I showed the housemates father the cause of the problem. I told him I could epoxy it but would not guarantee that it would work. I left it up to him, take the chance or buy a new toilet. I installed a brand new toilet.

From there I cleaned the pond filters in an effort to get something close to clean water. I have an algae problem and have green water. I will get on top of it at some point.

Then I went out to the side of the house and cleaned up all the leaves and sand that has collected. Then put down the tar sealer which is suppose to stop the water from finding it’s way into the basement. I did a good job on that so I am curious to see if it is really going to work. I know that I want to get more of that tar stuff and fill the cracks in the driveway.  Growing up mainly in western Canada, all the driveways are made form poured concrete. Here in Ontario all driveways are made of asphalt. they heave and crack and are generally just plain ugly. Cost is the factor here.

I moved into the back yard and planted a Rose of Sharon plant that I started last year from a tiny seed. It has two flowers on it. I took Trixie (remember Trixie my Spectacled female Parrotlett.) from the freezer and placed her at the bottom of the whole and placed the bush on top. This had been planned long ago.

Otis had an awesome day today too. He got a new bed, which I never thought he would go in. Suprise!!! He loves it.


New Bed and I like it!!

New Bed and I like it!!

Otis also spent the time I was out side playing and having fun. He also got a new ball. Well a new to him ball. When I was at the pharmacy picking up my monthly supply of meds, I came across a mid size Basket Ball rolling around the parking lot. I looked around for a child and none to be seen. So I brought the ball home. filled it full of air and gave it to Otis. He had a riot with it. Keeping him busy as he is pushing it around the yard unable to get his mouth right onto it. He was over joyed with the new ball. sorry I didn’t have my camera out with me. When we came in I had to wash the dirty face that was covered in mud and two front legs also covered in mud. He had a blast with this and I didn’t have to do anything.

Otis in fine form Posing for the Camera

Otis in fine form Posing for the Camera

If you are wondering what the black material is laying on the ground behind Otis, it is garden fabric that I have pinned down covering the grass seeded area that use to be the garden. The material keeps the birds from eating all of the seed, as well as keeps the ground moist longer. I am hoping that the seeds will spout and get a little grip into the soil. I have seen this done before and the result was a very nice lawn. Keeping my fingers crossed. I did half of the garden as a test. If it works I will do the other half the same way.

Happy day everyone.