Good, Bad And Indifferent

I don’t know how to classify today. Otis and I spent the better part of the day in our room. Although we did not start the day out like that.

We started out with Otis playing ball and me drinking coffee out on the back patio. Eventually the housemate came out and then shortly after followed by her father.

The conversation started off about the new patio umbrella which needed sand for the base. The question up was how much to purchase. I thought I was doing something okay, I ran into the house got a pad, pencil and measuring tape. I measured the bag that the sand it to fit into and asked if anyone knew the formula in which to solve the mystery. The old man snarked back at me about how much does sugar weigh, as sand should be close to what sand would weigh. If I dug a whole and wanted to know how much soil to purchase to fill it all I would need is the measurements and they could tell me how many yards of soil I need.

The next topic that came up was about the leaking roof and lack of roofers. Should a tarp be purchased to cover the roof for the time being and how to attach it. I said that the only way I knew to hold the tarp down would be with ropes and sand bags. The old man had a biscuit and topped up with we don’t want to spend $500.00 on this. At which point I got up, collected my cup, measuring tools and Otis and we came in. I don’t need to put up with snarky crap.

A little while later a knock on the door and was told plans had changed for the umbrella and what would my opinion be. So I went out and there the old guy has my lumber that I had purchased for the trailer repair cut into pieces and making a platform for the base of the umbrella to set bricks on. So much for my trailer repairs.

Otis and I stayed in all day. Company was there for mothers day. I was invited and declined. Why, always have to explain myself. I stated that it was a family thing and I am not family. I also noticed that they had my propane tank for the trailer hooked up to the bbq.

Once the company had left I let Otis out in the back yard only to discover that the plastic deck chairs had been painted. Now it looks like a setting for Romper Room. Each chair a bright colour and each chair a different colour. How grown up!!!!

This evening I had to surface to tell the housemate not to turn the dishwasher on as I had forgotten to turn the water back on after the last mishap. Tomorrow I have to pull the quarter round off the cupboards to gain access to the dishwasher allowing it to be pulled out so I can actually get to the tap. Who ever designed this set up was well, one washer short of a fawcet.

I also noticed that someone bought me a present. In the bathroom there is sitting a new wax seal and flange for the toilet that has been leaking into the basement for the last year. Every time the toilet gets flushed. So on nights that the housemate has her parties it is like Niagra Falls in the basement bathroom.

Looks like the housemate is gearing up for a new boyfriend, new guy sitting in the kitchen this evening. Plenty Of Fish web site gets lots of business from her. In the five years that I have been here I can not even count how many there have been. All I can do is feel sorry for someone that is so desperate to find someone. Maybe it would be worth looking at one’s self and discover what the issue is that would bring the cause to have a new guy every month or two.

She keeps telling me I should find someone. All that runs through my head is that if all the women that are on that messed up site that you go to are like you then I will stay alone and that is just what I am going to do. I tried a couple of times with relationships and got cheated on a couple of times. Not going to happen to me again. Besides I’ll be dead soon so why would I want to put someone through that.

I mean my intention is to have a sailing boat to retire on and travel around, warm winters and venture to the other side of the country. But in reality it is probably nothing more than a dream to keep me going. I really don’t see me being around all that much longer. If I actually make it to get my pension will be a miracle.

Hope all the mothers that read my grumbles have had a wonderful day.

Hope that everyone had a great weekend, back to the rain tomorrow and wait some more for the wrench I need  to complete the repair to the van.

Oh Happy Day