Which Way

Just totally in information overload.

I can’t count the number of hours that I have spent searching, researching and scratching my head.

It is a good thing that this is really long range planning and even at that, is there enough time between now and then.

Searching and researching, reading and watching video’s, in an effort to bring the choices down to a workable number of boats to choose from. What modifications have to be made in order to make the boat safe for me.

I have watched video’s where the captain of the vessels does not wear a PDF or attach themselve to the vessel, to captain’s that have basically encapsualted themselves into the vessel, rarely coming out of the cabin (everything has been made so as to be able to operate from the cabin) never touching land for 70 days and nearly 4000NM. (I don’t understand sailing to destinations and never touching shore.)

Which type of boat is best for me, a twin (bilge)keeled boat, a full keel, a fin keel? A junk rig or standard rigging. A wheel or a tiller? How small is too small for blue water? How big is to big for single handed sailing?

I have limited sailing experience and have been years since I have been sailing. This serves two fold for me, the ability to travel and have affordable living. What was once a dream some 30 years ago and letting it slide believing it to be unreachable. To realizing that I have more than enough in my retirement kitty to do this.

Of course I need to find a sailing buddy that will take me out from time to time and refresh my skills. Having some one that is knowledgeable enough to offer guidance and aid in steering me in the right direction as to getting the right vessel and knowing what modifications that I will need to make to have a vessel that best serves my needs.

A vessel that is capable of doing an Atlantic or Pacific crossing should I feel my skill set is good enough to achieve such, still being within the capability of being sailed by one crusty old boy with a dream. A vessel that serves the purpose of being not only transportation but a permanent home as well.

Right now my thoughts are with an Albin Vega 27 all the way to a S&S 34 and many in between. I even have thought about a NonSuch and converting it to a Junk Rigged vessel. (would this be ocean passage material?)

I know one thing that I am sure of, I don’t want to talk to a boat salesman. I can only imagine that they are similar the well known “Used Car Salesman” is this a fair statement? (no offence meant towards sailboat or car salespersons, everyone is entitled to earn a living)

Those are a few of the things that are rumbling on the mind of a future sailor.

Oh just to ease the minds of a few, I do not have immediate plans on making any Atlantic or Pacific crossings nor do I intend to round the Cape Horn or sail the Northwest  Passage (at least not next week). Perhaps for my 65th birthday I could circumnavigate the globe.

Yes my sanity has been questioned. No I will not get lonely, I will still get to talk to the same people I talk to now (me). I am not afraid to die, it can happen crossing Liberty Street just as it could sailing the waters of our planet.

I am open to suggestions from all.

Thanks for reading me.