Otis Update


Still my friend from day one!

Still my friend from day one!

With out sounding to optimistic, maybe being cautious. Otis is holding his own for the past week. It has been all good nights and play all day.

There has been no more seizures since the medication dosage increase. He is eating well, drinking lots of water. Output is meeting the normal expectations. Otis tends to go to bed a few hours earlier than he used to, but then he is also getting up a few hours earlier than he use to in order to take medications.

Play time is all day long now, with me caving in and allowing him to have a rubber ball in the house. Now that Spring has finally arrived, Otis spends as much time outside (with me) as he possibly can.

The reason for me being cautious with my saying he is alright is because we had this good time before and then all of a sudden the seizures returned 10 times worse. I am hopeful that this is going to work for him.

I have been doing some research and will be adding some new things to Otis’s diet in the hopes of removing some of the toxins that he may have built up. As well as things that bring with them good health. Every bit extra that I can do to help him is a great benefit to me.

I just want to let those who have an interest in Otis know what is going on.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes, from both Otis and myself.


4 responses to “Otis Update

  1. Pleased to see things have begun improving again. As ever, I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that all your love, care & attention for Otis are helping do the trick, along with the adjusted meds.
    Hope you’re starting to get a bit more sleep.
    Take care.

  2. Things are looking up! I am getting more sleep, although I am always listening for Otis moving about. Last night was great, At least 6 hours uninterrupted sleep, the night before Otis was really restless and kept moving about although he was asleep while doing this.
    He is doing well, playing and going about his business.

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