I Got To Play With A Puppy

So far so good, I have been given some kind of reprieve. Otis has been feeling much better with the increased dosage of Phenobarbital. Giving us a few days now of being seizure free. I have never the less been unrelenting about making sure that Mr Otis is never out of my line of sight.

Today we spent the majority of the day out side. I cleaned the upper pond and got the filter running. Letting it sit for a few days to rid the pond of the chlorine. The plan is to catch the babies that are residing and hiding in the bigger lower pond and transfer them to a new home (the upper pond). I also had to install a temporary fence around the ponds to keep Otis from having a mishap. A new game with him this year is to take the ball once retrieved and drop it in the pond. In order to keep Otis from having another pond adventure I hopefully have remedied the situation for now.

Pond Clean up

Once I have that completed I can start removing all of the plants rocks and other things that are in the lower pond and commence with the cleaning. I need to find a way of controlling somehow the algae growth. I tried Barley Straw stuff for the two previous years with out great success, at the end of last year I found a barley straw extract that would be instant and much easier to use. I will give that a shot this year.

While we were out, the neighbor was also out cleaning up the mess of downed branches from last December’s Ice Storm. I was over after the storm and cut up as much of it as I could for her. The remainder was to big to be cut by me by hand and I do not have a chain saw. She was lucky enough to borrow an electric chain saw from one of her friends. As she was nearing the end of the task the chain slipped from it’s track and she did not know how to put it back on. Otis and I went over to assist.

Max, her 10 month old Standard Poodle Puppy was out, so it was a free for all over there. Otis is if he is lucky 1/4 the size of Max. Otis had fun and really stood his ground and up for himself from this massive bundle of energy. They both had lots of fun. I was not really sure about it as I did not want anything setting Otis up for another seizure, but was not leaving him home alone either. It all worked out great. The chainsaw got repaired, Otis had a fun outing and Max got to play with another dog and burn some pent up beans that he has going on. And of course the remaining branches got cut up.

While relieved at the progress with Otis I am still very cautious and leery.  I have to find a pill cutter / chopper thing as I have discovered that cutting those little pills in half is a challenge. Ensuring that they are equal is more than difficult. It is important to do it correctly. As ensuring that the pills are given exactly 12 hours apart is utmost, I would assume that getting the dosage exact is equally important.

Otis has had two really good nights sleep and is currently working on the third. I am so grateful to having been given this bit of a rest. I can not express how stressful and exhausting it has been going through this with Otis.

Otis is closer than ever now when bed time arrive’s, well actually he waits until I get in bed then slowly creeps over closer and closer until he is actually up tight against me. For some reason this seems to be his comfort zone. I imagine that in time I will get accustomed to the new positioning.

This is how I sleep with my dad.

This is how I sleep with my dad.

And to all a good night.