A Good Nights Rest

Amazingly enough, the new dosage of Phenobarbital knocked Otis out. By 8 o’clock Otis could no longer keep his peepers open.

I am ever so happy to say that we have now gone 16 hours seizure free. I realize that this is nothing and probably should not be all to over joyed about this. How ever after yesterdays event filled day I am ever so thankful. A scary day indeed.

I went from the night before of no sleep at all compliments of Seizures that just rip your heart out to be witness to. To this, my little boy getting some welcome relief and rest.

After a full night of our usual night time serenade, we were awakened by this.

This morning Otis had his new dose of med’s again along with breakfast and so far is happily playing with every toy that he can get out of his toy box.

I did some major praying last night. Be it right or be it wrong to ask God to help out a simple little animal for my own selfish reasons. The deed has been done and will continue to be asked until the end of time.

Happy Easter Everyone.


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  1. So far so good. He has been 22 hours now since the last one. He slept all night. This morning we went for a nice long walk, and this afternoon I did some yard work with Otis right behind me with the ball. He is all tuckered out right now, but he had a blast and came in with a great big smile on his face.

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