And Now It Gets Worse

Man o man, I feel so bad for my little Otis. With the seizures having made their way back and so many. During the night last night he had 6 that were relatively easy to get through. And four during the day so far today that were horrible and long.

One of the Doctors from the Veterinary Clinic called first thing this morning with the results from the blood work up Otis had the other day (Thursday) He said that everything was within the normal parameters. That being the case now comes the experimenting. So starting to night Otis is to have the med’s increased by 50%. With the words of warning for my benefit that Otis may visibly show signs of being sedated although not to the point of looking like is sleeping on his feet.

We are to try this for awhile and if not successful there is another drug that will be added to his treatment.

I am concerned with all of this. This drug (phenobarbital) causes liver problems and requires periodic blood testing to determine. One of the visible side effects is that the hind quarters become weakened and we are already experiencing this.

As much as I love my dog, I am being torn here. I need to see something good happening soon. I do not want him to suffer in any way. I have read of many dogs that have lived happy full lives being on this drug. The only difference is that their seizures were not the result of brain damage.

I am going to give this a good shot for Otis, how ever I think that I may have to let him go at some point.

He had one of his seizures while outside today playing ball. I was relived that he did not fall down on the concrete. I was able to get to him before that happened. I ran over and scooped him up and brought him in the house and laid him on the bed. This was one of the really bad ones.

I had made a comment to my housemate earlier about his so far only having these while he was sleeping, and WAMO there were are two today while he was up playing.

I will see what happens from here. I pray that some good comes, because I really don’t want to have to make that decision and say that final good bye. I just really don’t know what to do at this point.

Oh the housemate suggested giving Otis Pot to overcome this. She says that it is used as one of the treatments for Epilepsy in humans. My response was how do you get a dog to smoke? I know eat it, I was being coy.

Any thoughts on this? I want to discuss it with the Doctor, how ever am a little reluctant as I don’t know them all that well.

Any how there is an update on Otis and stressed out me.

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone.