Day 29 And Counting

Doctor Day for Otis. Well not really, he didn’t get to see the Doctor today just the Veterinary Assistant. This young lady being ever so bubbly came out into the waiting room and chatted up Otis and then took him off to the treatment room to draw some blood to test for his Phenobarbital levels, five minutes later returning with Otis in tow all happy to have had the opportunity to lick an other face besides mine.

It was a rather rough start to get going this morning though. Being a high of 1 degree C (33.8 degrees F) that to me is cold. Seeing that I decided we could walk the 3 blocks to the clinic (I hate the parking lot there) I put Otis’s sweater on and his harness and outside we go. I set Mr. Otis on the driveway and start to walk and there Otis is pulling with all his might in the opposite direction. The only movement was him dragging behind me with his feet pushed as hard as he could into the tarmac. Why? Someone did not want to wear the sweater. I knew right away what was going on so I took off the harness and sweater, put the harness back on placed the sweater on the front step and off he toddles down the street happy as a clam.

Otis got a blue bandage that he was a little concerned about after we got home. I left it on for a couple of hours and then removed it as per the instructions from the young lady.

I Got's a BooBoo

I Got’s a BooBoo

So now we wait, normally the diagnosis would be in tomorrow, how ever tomorrow being a Religious holiday nothing is open so we will be informed on Saturday as to what comes next.

Otis had a good night last night although a little on the restless side. Today was all about playing ball both inside and outside. He is starting to ware down this evening. Meds taken and supper has been eaten and as much as he wants to play he is fighting to keep his eyes open.

I could hear a fellow at the receptionist’s desk at the clinic, praising the Pet insurance that they have for their dog. I could have fallen over really. he said that had they had to foot the bill for everything for their dog they would be looking at over $30,000.00 for the past year. This included the removal of a brain tumor, tons of medication and special foods. (that would have bought a really nice sail boat was all I could think at the moment.) I wonder if they would have paid out that amount if they did not have the insurance.  Call me a bad Pet parent, because I certainly could not justify paying that amount.  At least I know why pet insurance is so costly now.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, nothing open tomorrow so I hope I have everything that I need. If not well so be it, nothing I can do about it now.

Enjoy the Long Weekend, Happy Easter Everyone!