A Reason For Everything

My what a long tongue you have!

My what a long tongue you have!

I was going to go to the library this afternoon and for some reason I decided that it could wait for another day. Perhaps this was the reason.

Twenty Two days with out a hick up. This afternoon Otis had the most violent of any of the seizures that I have been witness to. Although it only lasted a minute it too Otis an hour to come out of it.  As soon as he had regained his composure it was time to play ball.

As normal I sat with Otis through out the whole process. Each and every time I go through this with Otis it just scares the be-jezzus out of me. I patted him and talk to him all the way through it, even he didn’t know who I was when he initially surfaced. I carried him from the bed to his water dish so he could have a drink. He tried to walk a bit but that left him crashing into the doors and walls. So I brought him back onto the bed and got him to lay down and just talked calmly with him until he was back.

As soon as he was able I carried him out side and down the deck stairs to let him have a chance to take care of business. Once that was all done with I called his doctor. Funny thing is I spoke with her yesterday about how Otis was doing and we agreed that as he had been clear for the past 22 days that he would be okay to wait until May 1 to come in for his blood work to determine his Phenobarbital levels.

With this sudden onset Otis is now going in tomorrow morning to get this taken care of. She told me that this might just have been nothing more than a break through seizure, it could be that the dosage is to low as well. She discussed maybe having to raise his dosage and I expressed my concern about the issue with his hind quarters not functioning properly. She told me that it could also be a result of the dosage being to low, or to high.

Otis may also have to have an additional med added to his daily regime.

As much as it doesn’t seem to bother Otis after the fact (he isn’t aware of anything during) it sure messes me up.

Anyhow after an afternoon of extra attention and playing ball Otis is sound asleep at my feet.

Please keep Otis in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you and Brightest Blessings


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  1. So sorry to hear that. Hopefully the tests tomorrow will help get the med levels sorted out now. At least Otis forgets about it once he’s back & doesn’t seem bothered, once he’s over the initial recovery.

    My aunt’s dachshund was on a little trolley for her hindquarters for several years & perfectly happy (happens a lot to dachies as they are so long).

    Take care & all the best for the Easter weekend.


  2. Thanks,
    Blood tests have been done and should have the results back on Saturday instead of tomorrow as it is a holiday.
    I chose to walk over to the Vet clinic as it is only about 3 blocks from here. It is cold out today we are sitting at 1 degree C. I got Otis dressed with his sweater and his harness, get him out side and he refuses to walk.I had to take the harness off and the sweater in the driveway and put the harness back on and away he goes.
    He was good all the way there and went willingly with the girl to have the blood drawn. Came back all happy with a blue bandage on his leg and big smile as they gave him treats in the treatment room. So now we wait.
    Have a nice Easter.

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