Life According To Otis, Proclaims This To Be Ball Season

-0.1 on the Celsius scale (31.82 F) all the snow is gone from the back yard only the layer of ice left over from the December Ice Storm remains.

Otis taking note from yesterdays 8 block walk that it is Spring, got up this morning full of vim and vigor. This of course starting at 6:30 am as I have to get him up to take his medication and have a bit of breakfast. After laying around and waiting for me to finish reading the news and catching up on e-mails and of course having my coffee. Otis with much determination convinced me to get dressed and go outside with him to play ball. The season has now been started.

Something to look forward to every morning for the next 9 months until such time as we see the yard covered yet again in the white stuff. Otis took great pride in being able to partake in his favorite activity. Although I really see a decline from last fall in his ability to find the ball and bring it back. The shadows really scare Otis to the point where he will just stop and stand frozen in place until I come to rescue him. This is just a minor set back for the little guy, not enough to put an end to the sport.

Otis got a half hour out of it this morning until he got to the point where he was having trouble staying focused. This is yet another side effect of the medication for the time being. Otis had to come in and have a nap with the promise from me that we can come back out later this afternoon and pick up where we left off. Otis brought his ball up onto the deck and put it in a place that he will know where to find it when he goes out to play later. This spot actually becomes a sacred spot for him as he knows exactly where to go each and every time to get his ball. He picks the spot and the rule is set. No one is allowed to touch that ball to play with him as this is the special morning ball.

It is really quite something to see how this little guy works. He has done this on his own, from the start of the eyesight taking leave. I am more than happy to oblige him to this small thing that brings so much happiness. I have seen the effects of him not being able to locate the ball in the morning and it is very upsetting to Otis.

My days are planned now for the next nine months. every day must and will start off the same way, taking exception to rain days. I do not play in the rain.

As disappointing as it is to see the decline in Otis, it is still a really good thing as it still brings him much joy. What better is there in the world than to bring joy and happiness to someone or something. No matter how or what you are, no matter what kind of life you have been summoned to live. Happiness is the key to make it work.

This is something that everyone should take into account in their daily lives. try to bring a smile to someone else’s life. That smile can change the effects of many things that have to be encountered and or endured in the life of others.

Happy Weekend everyone and remember Otis has proclaimed this to be Ball Season!


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  1. It was a little chilly for my liking. How ever this afternoon brought with it 8C and Otis went out and had a sleep on the deck.
    And now that brings me to have a nap. These super early mornings are a killer when you get up almost hourly to check on the little guy.
    Happy Sunday

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