Things Change

I saw something in the store today that I have not had in 40 some odd years. My grandmother used to buy it as a special treat when it was available. Strawberry flavoured milk. While the flavour is the same the milk is not. Today it is made with 1%BF milk where as when I had it last it was made with Homogenized milk (the good fat stuff that I probably could not swallow today). It was on sale for 99 cents/litre along side the chocolate milk.

Having a glass of this brought with it so many memories of time spent with Grandma. I have not ever seen this sold direct from the dairy since I was a kid. I know you can buy Nestle Quik Strawberry flavour although I never did try it. I didn’t think it would be the same. Sort of how Quik Chocolate is not the same as a glass of chocolate from the dairy.

An update on Otis, he is feeling much better. Cost another $60 today for more antibiotics for the anal gland issue. It was determined that it had ruptured so to ensure that no infection get at it until it has healed he needed more. (another 10 days) I got the cost for the next appointment for them to adjust the Phenobarbital, that is going to be another $150.00, this has been one expensive adventure. If there is much more I don’t know how we are going to handle it. My monthly income can not support this. So far we are managing. And I have to take care of him this is not something that can be left. I just wish that Veterinary costs were not so friggin high.

I took on that responsibility when I accepted Otis into my life. So please don’t take it as if I were complaining, I am not and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to have Otis be a part of my life, to share experiences with.

Once this is all over and done with I am going to save my pennies for a few months and I would like very much to purchase a GoPro camera. My plan is to attach it to Otis’s harness under his chin and video life the way Otis see’s it. (Actually the way Otis would see it if he could see.) I have been told that life down there is somewhat different than how we see it.

So no van repairs this month. I am sure that they will still be there next month. Maybe I will come out of this a few pounds lighter and be a non-smoker too. I can look back at this later on and know that everything was for a really good cause. And that there is a lesson of sorts in here somehow and I will need to sit back and do some soul searching to sort it all out.

Happy Weekend Everyone it’s Friday

Be safe and have fun!


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  1. Glad to hear Otis is getting better & sorry you have so many expenses with the vet. At least they are good people & will hopefully resolve everything as quickly as possible so that things settle down & it doesn’t keep costing so much for Otis to be kept safe & well.

    The strawberry milk sounds fun. They sold chocolate milk on draft from chilled dispensers in the university bar when I was a student (more interesting than coke or orange juice for me being a teetotaller). Nowadays I sometimes buy the vegan brand Alpro (do you have that brand?), who make little cartons of flavoured soya milk – in addition to choc & strawberry, they do banana, which I especially enjoy.

    Take care & enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  2. I have never seen the Alpro brand on the supermarket shelves.
    I will be so relieved when this is all resolved with Otis. I did how ever discover the Allergy issue and maybe with a little bit of luck put an end to it.
    It is not the grass or the out doors (I think) but his food. I bought the really expensive stuff with no grains or other bad stuff and we had a pretty good week, Last night I had to give him a lessor brand and with in two hours Otis had his beet red feet and face return. so I rushed out and bought the expensive stuff for him for his supper tonight and every night hence forth.
    With a little bit of luck!!! this will be it for allergies.
    Otis’s medical expenses have done me in for this month now. Tomorrow is the last day for my cell phone as there is no more money to pay that for this month. I will be on the skinny plan for the rest of the month now. Any more surprises and we will be sunk.
    As long as I can get him back to being himself is all that matters right now. some view this as being way out there, how ever he is all I have and I made the commitment when I took him on.
    May will bring with it better times!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Not that any one likes going through tough times, but when you come out the other side it is triumphant. I have had a busy month so I haven’t been on WordPress, but I’m glad to see Otis is on the mend!

  4. Thank you. The rest of life with Otis will be filled with uncertainty I think due to the cause of the seizures. Never the less he will have the best life that I can possibly give him.
    He is still restless and a little bit dopey from the meds, Once they are adjusted to his needs I am hopeful things will return to a more normal way of life.
    Hope all is well with you.

  5. I think that is how treatment goes with dogs: trial and error. I see it at the animal hospital and with my own dogs. You just want to scoop them up, wave a magic wand and make it all better! Or at least I do, anyways!

    We are very well, last month was a little crazy but now we are back to our routine. The dogs and I like our routine.

  6. Beautiful memory you have shared! Mostly smells and music draws me back long ways – into my childhood. Even times that were collectively difficult had good times in them and a familiar tune helps me to find some light in dark bits :)

    Sorry to hear about your buddy otis being unwell – however he does appear to be on the up and up.. hope he heals quickly.. It is astounding the cost associated with keeping our four legged besties healthy, isn’t it?!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  7. Because the seizures started as a result of a brain injury. (As Otis is blind he has when he was little run full tilt into a fence and the car door) While seizures that are caused by chemical stuff in the brain can be controlled it is uncertain in Otis’s case. The med’s have done their job so far. They just have to be adjusted to Otis’s specific need. He has another week to go until the drugs have built up in his system to the extent that they will and then the Vet will do tests to see what level they are at and make the adjustments.
    I am much relieved at this point as to how everything has worked out.

  8. Wow! I’m suffering from a brain injury as well. My Neurologist just mentioned possible seizures so I must have an EEG. Also was put on new meds that will take a few months to build up in my system.

  9. I am so sorry to hear this. Keep yourself on a positive note. Medical technology has come a long way.
    I have not read your blog yet, I am going to hopefully get there today.
    Brightest Blessings to you.

  10. Thank you and well wishes to Otis. I am staying as positive as possible. They say it may be a few years before I am in pre concussion state, but I’m prayerful on a shorter recovery. It’s been a few months now

  11. Sure glad to hear Otis is getting better. Most of us would do the same for our animals. He’s very lucky to have you for his “dad,” as we know, not everyone loves their animals as they should, the way we do. Does the vet you go to take monthly payments? I know, and I’m very thankful that the vet I take my dog to does take payments. He’s always so kind and says you just pay me whenever you can, and we always pay him what we can monthly and stay in good standings with him. My dog gets bladder stones and needs x rays from time to time and special dog food and he said if the stones don’t dissolve with the special dog food and medication then she would need surgery, so it’s always nice when they take payments, as a pet owner yourself you know taking care of a pet can get pretty expensive sometimes and being on disability like myself, it would kill me if I were unable to get the care for my dog that she might need. Not all vets are as kind so I am very grateful. How is everything else going with you, William? Have heard from you for awhile. Thought I had better check in on you to see how you are getting along. Take care, my friend.
    Peace and hugs,
    Wild Thang:)

  12. Hey, I’m still surviving, a little worse for ware this time around.
    Otis is doing okay and am hoping that it will continue that way. His medical bills cleaned me out totally, left me with nothing for groceries or gas for the van. It is almost like the vet’s office knew how much money I had and scooped it all. The next visit for the blood work is May 1st (relief) and will be expensive again although not nearly as much as this first one.
    The dog I had before Otis was stricken with Bladder stones, first round was a $1600.00 vet bill and then special diet and 6 years later another round with the Bladder stones and that was the end, vet felt the dog was to old to undergo the surgery.
    I feel really bad for Otis, he already had a rough enough go of things. He is a little trooper. I’ll keep him going until he needs to cease.
    The last few days I hurt and hurt badly. Something new to me is that my actual bones hurt, not the surrounding tissue.
    I am how ever making plans for my official retirement. I have lots of things that I need to do in order for that to happen so the four years that I have before that will be busy. The biggest is going to be for the doctors to find an alternative method of pain control as I will need to be completely removed from any type of narcotic drug pain relief . (not looking forward to this)
    These are things that I need to do if I am to continue to live.
    So spending time day dreaming about the future, getting rest and looking after my little buddy are keeping me afloat for the time being.
    Hope this finds you well.

  13. Hi William, glad to know you’re still alive and kicking is a good thing. Glad to hear Otis is getting better and still kicking right along side you. It’s amazing the extremes we go to for our pets that we love so much. If my vet didn’t allow me to make payments I would be screwed because most don’t. I just make sure we pay something every single month and stay in good standings with this awesome vet. He understands how much people love their pets and won’t turn you away as long as you make payments, however he always says, “you just pay me when you can.” I am not going to take advantage of the situation. he’s helping us out greatly and he will be paid, unfortunately being on disability makes it really hard to pay everything all up front, so I am so grateful to have this vet for my lovely little Miss Molly. Hopefully, those bladder stones will stay away. My mom’s dog has had them, had surgery, they’ve returned and at the moment they are in a place where they aren’t blocking anything, so he’s just living with them for now and hopefully, they won’t get bad and make him start peeing all over the floor again.
    I’m so sorry to hear you are hurting and having the pain in your bones. I often feel like the pain is actually in my bones, in fact I know it is, and the doctors will tell me it just feels that way that it’s just the tissue surrounding my bones. I’m like, REALLY? How do they know what I’m feeling.
    I wish you the best getting off the narcotics and finding a way to get by without, if you get this figured out, please share. I’ve tried that and then I couldn’t stand the pain and had to get right back on narcotics, however, I didn’t get back on what I was on. I went back down to the Oxycodone and I only take it twice a day even though I can have it every 6 hours as needed, I refuse to do that because I never want to get back up the ladder to those other more potent narcotics they had me on that made me a completely different person. I was not me and people, including a therapist told me I was not me and I was crazy on that Fentanyl patch. The doctor that was prescribing that to me told me that I’ll keep getting tolerant to it and they’ll keep increasing the dose and one day it will kill me when I get the dose that’s too high for me. he said that’s the way it works. I got off that and didn’t want anymore narcotics at all, but I couldn’t carry on without any pain medication and unfortunately, only the narcotics seem to work for me. I try to take it as little as possible. I only take it the two times a day because if I don’t I will start to go into withdrawals. It’s a scary situation once you get involved with these drugs, but without them I wouldn’t be alive. I can barely stay alive with them because the pain is that intense. Sad situation. When the all natural method becomes legal, that’s the route I’m going to go. I’ll quit taking all the synthetic medications I’m on for good. That’s the only other way I know to survive, but it could be years before it’s legal. Sigh…………………… I’m glad you are staying afloat and I hope Otis continues to get better and stay that way. he’s lucky to have you. Was good hearing from you. have a great day, my friend.:)
    Wild Thang:)

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