Piss And Vinegar

If anyone were to see Otis in action they would never be able to admit that the little boy is ill.

Otis had an exceptional day today. No matter that it was an overcast day, guessing that he got enough sunshine from the past three days to hold him over.

It was play day today, all day. The stuffing less toys have never had such a work out as they did today. I toss and Otis tears off in hot pursuit bringing each and everyone back. When he tired, he would get himself a drink and lay down for a quickie nap. Immediately upon eyes opening it was up and at em all over again.

I would have to swear that his veins are filled with piss and vinegar.

Seems like the giving of pills is getting easier and better accepted with each dose. How ever getting him to eat is the problem. While he gets the best food that I can afford to feed him, he still has issue with how it is served. When Otis was at his sickest in order to get him to eat I scrambled an egg and added it to his food. Otis has taken a liking to scrambled eggs I guess. Food that he had no problem eating before has suddenly become unpalatable unless it has that damn egg with it. Even offering him the $3.00/can of Blue Buffalo Wilderness with out the egg may as well be offering him mud. The same goes for his main meal of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry food, it must be accompanied by the almighty egg.  I guess Otis knows how much Daddy loves him and how much he means to me. So why not play that card if you can get away with it.

As everyday that goes by I feel better about the out come of this set back Otis has had. In two weeks we go back to the Doctor and get the blood work up done again so they can adjust the Phenobarbital adjusted properly to the level that he requires.

I had received some nice comments and well wishes for Otis so a big thank you to those who did.

Spring is in the air. The birds are doing it, the bees are doing it. That leaves me with to nasty birds. The hormonal rates of my little Parrotletts seems to have brought out the Pterodactyl in both. simply reaching in to change water dishes in each of the cages has now become a task of risking ones life. Unbelievable as to how something that is only 3 inches tall can have a bite that draws blood that looks like you had been attacked by a rabid Doberman.

Spring in my books is a good thing, we are well into the evening and the temp is above freezing and will not go down that low tonight. In fact I have my window open a crack.

Happy Spring to all of you. I hope that the April Fools pranks were kept to a minimum for all of you.