Question Of The Day

Another remarkable day here. Otis is happy and full of spring vigor. An almost great night last night, only had to get up with the little guy once.

Otis is fussy today he doesn’t want to play in the back yard. I can’t say that I blame him at all. We started out okay, he chased his ball a couple of times until it landed in a doggie pile. When that happens Otis will not pick the ball up, I mean really would you? So, it is made very clear to daddy that the ball needs to be brought in the house and washed off.  I did, as I always do for the guy. Threw it again and Bingo another doggie pile. I got it brought it in and washed it a second time. Threw it out for Otis and he was having no part of it anymore.

I was not all that keen on being out there anyhow as I found that it is a bit on the stinky side today. The wind is just right. Nothing I can do about it right now, pray for rain to wash the stuff away or wait for the ice to melt. Pointless getting the garden hose out and trying to wash it way, will only create a bigger mess. Poo and mud.

Otis and I sat on the deck for a bit, enjoying the sun. Then came in and played ball in the house for awhile.

I’d say that the Spring Fever has hit me too. I got out the bucket and window washer stuff and the ladder. I washed all the windows less one (to much sun shine on it to clean it properly) inside and out. It looks great!

Now back to the headline here. Question of the day. Well, I’d have to ask who is going to go first. Me or Otis. After doing the windows I walked over to the mall (4 blocks) picked up eggs, cream, a can of dog food. Walked back home. By the time I reached my driveway it is all I could do to make it to the door. The pain in my back and legs is so bad at this point I don’t want to be here any longer. I can hardly sit to do this blog entry and walking around is out of the question.

Otis is one happy boy now that the sun has come out. He seems to be feeling a lot better. This morning was back to our normal morning wake up. His tongue and my face. He just goes right to town.  Bouncing around on the bed and giving kisses. He has got to be the the most pleasant and happy puppy when he wakes up. Everyday is a new day for him and he seems to be ever so grateful to have that opportunity.

Well it is time to lay down and pray that this goes away.

Otis and I wish for each and every one of you  very pleasant day.