When You Are Bored

Just a little update on Danny. I was very concerned for his well being upon the death of his mate.

As the days have passed I have come to the realization that Trixie (his mate) was holding him back. She was so good to him, constantly at his side. Feeding him, cleaning him just doting on him non stop.

I had always thought how wonderful.

Well maybe not so. Since the passing I have witnessed things that I would never have believed possible. There is no where that this little fellow can not get to in his cage. Yes I have added special wire rack platforms to the interior to aid his mobility. Aside from that Danny flies and climbs to what ever destination is desired.

Eating on his own when he wants  has become an exciting thing for him. He decides if he wants fruits and veggies , seeds or pellets. He drinks from the water dish instead of the bird bath that had been the standard when Trixie was here.

He is actually pretty comical. His cage is 18 inches deep, 18 inches wide and 22 inches tall.  It has toys and perches that look like tree branches that have a couple of Y’s in each branch thus allowing to have little places where Danny can perch as he can not use the standard straight dowel perch.

Danny has taken to flying alot now inside the cage. He actually looks like one of those mini RC helicopters flying in circles.

Anyhow this how Danny entertains himself  when he is bored.

When You're BoredSo all is well in Danny’s world.

Pip, well Pip is Pip. He is busy picking out each and every seed from his seed cup and tossing them on the floor of the cage. He prefers to eat from the cage floor. The same as fruits and veggies pick them apart, shred them toss them to the floor of the cage.

Pip is rather hard to get pictures of, as soon as he sees the camera he is finding a toy to tuck himself behind.

I promised I would make a video of Danny, I will do it, I just have not gotten around to digging out my tripod.

Otis is, well okay although he is not the same, the drugs are working. I thought that he wasn’t getting the dopey thing how ever as each day goes by new things are showing up. This is only a temporary thing until his body adjusts. I am still not sleeping all that well as Otis now wakes during the night, just sits up and stares off into space (or falls back to sleep while sitting) I have to check on him and make sure he is okay.

For now we take it a day at a time.

Happy weekend everyone