Sun Shine Makes Happiness

It was a Wonderful day here. Able to sit out with just a sweater. The sun beaming down, taking with it snow and slowing working on heating up the ice from the December ice storm.

The fish in the pond have apparently survived yet another winter. I even noticed a bunch of babies of varies sizes. It will still be some time before pond clean up and set up will take place, how ever it is nice to know that it will take place.

The dogs have made a complete mess of the entire back yard, I am hoping that once the melt occurs that a nice powerful spray from the garden hose will break up the droppings and deposit them into the soil. I really see no way of picking it up at all as it is broken down to that extent.

Today marks the first day of being able to sit out on the deck to have coffee. Not caring that no matter where Otis walks he is going to end up with dirty feet that have to be washed before he can venture into the house.

So with that in mind. Today made Otis one very happy boy. Even though he is still not at the top of his game, the happiness beaming out of that little boy is beyond anything anyone could ask for.

Otis has been waiting for weeks and weeks for the opportunity to be back outside playing with his ball. Today was the day. I was happy to oblige him. Because I am still fearful for his health I used caution while tossing the ball for him, ensuring that it is not to fast nor to far. Not allowing him the chance to get to worked up over the fact that good days are ahead.

I know it is close by

I know it is close by

Snow Go Away

Snow Go Away










Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

I fear for Otis mainly because of the unknown right now. I keep him on my bed now at night to ensure that I hear or feel him when he wakes in the middle of the night. The last few nights he has woken, sat up in complete confusion as to where he is. With a little bit of cuddles and talking softly to him he is assured that he is safe and in loving hands.

Because his condition has been caused by a brain injury (result of loss of eyesight and running full steam ahead first into a fence, a gate and the car door), I don’t really know how long I will have him with me. Under no circumstance will I ever allow that he should suffer in any way. So for the time being it is up to me to ensure that he is happy and has something fun each and every day.

I would like to ask my readers to keep Otis in mind. Should you pray I would ask that you say a prayer for Otis. I know that it is selfish of me, but I would like to have him around in hopes that he can live a full and healthy life until he reaches old age. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.



7 responses to “Sun Shine Makes Happiness

  1. I hope Otis will be ok and that you will have him healthy until he is a old man. I hope the universe will grant you many happy years with him. sweet guy :)

  2. I keeping a positive outlook. We have had 3 really good days here now. Sun is shining and the ball is being chased.
    The meds for the seizures seem to be working. He goes back to the doctor for a blood work up again in two weeks and they can adjust the meds properly.
    I hope he is around for a long time too. I will be a lost soul if he has to go anytime soon.

  3. Never selfish to ask for prayer, and I will ask that my family say a prayer for you and Otis when we are next seated at the dinner table.

    He is a beautiful dog, and very blessed to have you as his family.

    It looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his time outside! He’s got such a gorgeous face!! I bet he has a wonderfully spirited personality too!

    Miss Lou

  4. Thank you. Otis has a one track mind and it involves the rubber ball. He has no problem spending time with the ball (as long as some one is willing to toss it for him).

  5. Lol @ one track mind.. #LoveIt

    You guys really do seem like the best of friends.. I cannot help bust smile reading your posts and then feeling sad when you mention the struggles he has with illness!

    Wishing you both the very best! It sounds like you are doing a beautiful job of giving him the best quality of life he can have.


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