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Life is meant to be lived and experienced. Being young is not the time to tie yourself down and locked into a relationship. I can assure you that down the road when you hit your mid 30’s there is going to be a huge train hit you that is full of regret. You will find yourself in a position of realizing that you missed out on all sorts of things because you had the need to be in a full time relationship. The emptiness of that may well cause you to seek it out with less than desirable results.

Seemingly by reading what you have posted, if you are being honest in the posts, you are seeking out the replacement before the relationship has even come to it’s end. That to me is a real red flag. Constantly searching. Accepting someone’s problems is admirable, how ever it is not worth it in the end as it will end. Eventually you will tire of the issues (you have proven this to yourself already.)

I am overwhelmed that even during the process that keeps repeating you keep your moral judgement intact. Don’t lose that. Life with a good moral compass is actually a good thing.

College years are not easy in any way shape or form. Keep a clear mind as the reason you are there. Education. In the process of getting that education get out there and have fun, enjoy life. Really the next step  gets even harder. I am not saying don’t have boyfriends, knock your socks off. Just don’t turn it onto something that it is not. Play house when you have reached that stage of life. Everyone wants to be grown up so fast. Don’t do that. Enjoy life, Embrace it for what it is. A learning process and adventure.

Once you have gone through the education process comes career. Working your way through there is a tough battle to. Now is the time you have to make your mark.

In doing so, you are finding your place in the world.

Instead of being so gung-ho on finding someone to fill the void take the time to learn who you are and become the person that you want to be. You never have to change to suit your partners needs nor should they have to change for you. That is why I say get out there and live your life. Once you go through the steps it is much easier to find that special “One” and they to find you. Because you will have become who you are going to be.

At such an early age and all this talk of marriage and kids, where does that leave you?  I will admit that  on occasion that real true love happens, how ever it is rare.  I would urge you to live your life for you not someone else. Embrace the adventure.

In order for one to love another and have another love you, you must in fact love yourself. You must be able to live on your own and be happy on your own. Be able to go out for dinner or to a movie and enjoy it, on your own. You must know who you are.

Good luck to you and

Best Wishes on your search for True Happiness.


4 responses to “Only An Opinion

  1. If there was any post in the world of WordPress that I was destined to read tonight, it was this one.

    Thank you for your words, they are sure to have more impact on people than you could ever imagine. X

  2. Thank you for writing this. I’m actually a college student in a very long-term relationship, but this is exactly what I needed. It’s hard not to want to grow up and play house, as you say, but the college years really are for finding yourself. Well said.


  3. I only wrote this actually for concern of another young lady who’s blog posts I have been following. Knowing what I did with my own youth, I feel that if I can offer any words of wisdom based on my own failures to help steer someone away from making what become very tragic mistakes.
    Good luck to you.

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