Earth Hour

Last night we had Earth Hour. I believe the rest of the globe takes part in this effort.

While the idea is great, it certainly does not fly, at least here in Ontario.

The generation of power does not stop for that hour, thus the energy produced and stored for that period is sold at a loss if not given away to the United States.

In no way shape or form is this doing anything for anyone.

I can not speak for other places as I have no knowledge of how they do business.  Never the less the idea behind it is brilliant putting it to action well that is debatable.

The city of Toronto claims they had a drop of 6% of usage.

The Powers That Be just keep feeding the crap to the sheeples and they buy into lock stock and barrel.

Here is an even better load of crap that we have had forced down out throats.

Natural Gas effective April 1 will cost 40% more. The application was submitted and the Powers That Be approved it. The average cost to heat a home with natural gas here is $1000.00, that will now become $1400.00 A majority of seniors here will not be able to afford that. Thus we have people that can no longer heat their homes to a comfortable level. Most likely causing our seniors to become ill. Thus having to supply medical and most likely Hospitalization. Thus putting more strain on an already to the limit health care system.

In fact most of the average people will not be-able to afford that increase. And oh, that is only a temporary increase as they have plans to raise it higher than that before next winter. You see they saw that the Propane people were able to get away with a 50% increase, so lets join the party.

What it amounts to is nothing more than pure GREED. Shame on you.

The people at some point are going to stand up for themselves and they are going to act. When that happens, well I don’t want to be here for that part.

Now you have my two cents.