A New Day Brings New Challenges

Off to a really bad start today. Otis can be stubborn when he wants to be. Not always the sweet boy that I usually see.

To start because he fell asleep so early last night he was up at 3 am farting around. Sit up and then start roaming around the bed until he can find my face and then plop his butt down and stare into my face from a distance of about 2 inches. This went off and on for a couple of hours. The alarm went off just before 6 so we could get the meds into him and meet the 12 hour mark. Only intentionally missing it so that I can get him moved to a 7 am and 7 pm med schedule.

The fight was on right away. I put the pills into pieces of a Fig Newton cookie, which he refused to eat. This meant having to dig around in that sticky goo to find the pills. I had no choice but to force the pills on him. Just trying to get his mouth open is almost an impossibility. Get the pills in and he managed to spit them out. Second attempt I managed to get him to swallow them.

Breakfast was an even bigger issue. Otis when he decides on something, that is going to be the way it is period. I got his breakfast ready and he has to eat with these pills. Not a chance. He would not go near his bowl. I can’t win at this. Otis is already mad at me for the pills. I tried adding some different things to his dog food in hopes I could convince him to eat. Not happening. About an hour passed and I remembered something that he really likes and hasn’t had for a long time. I busted out the small frying pan, got an egg from the fridge along with the cream and butter. Heated up the pan, beat the egg and cream together and then threw a blob of butter into the pan. Poured in the egg and mixed it up to ensure it was scrambled.  I added this to his dog food and mixed it in and BINGO! Otis could not resist this.

As sleepy guy got up so early he slept the better part of the morning. Upon waking up he knew where the green rubber ball was and immediately got that out for daddy to play with him. I took a couple of pictures my happy guy.

Otis needs to know what is in my hand.

Otis needs to know what is in my hand.

Otis and I played with the ball for the better part of two hours. If anyone were to see him today they would say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He was all over the place today. Spent a little bit of time outside and more running around inside fetching the ball. The end result was something like this, well actually exactly like this.

My what a long tongue you have!

My what a long tongue you have!

I tried the pills in the cookie yet one more time and got the same response, so had to dig them out and force it on him. I am going to get a package of wieners and package of cheese slices and try those out for giving the pills, there has to be something that he will take willingly.

I didn’t mess around with supper at all I just made a scrambled egg right to start and Otis ate no problem. This is not going to be come standard operating procedure I can tell you. That 28 pounds will soon grow into something much more massive that will not be healthy. We will find a work around.

One of the readers was surprised when I made a comment in response  to them about Otis no longer needing to wear his hat outside. She wanted to see Otis in his hat. So this next pic is a repeat of a posting from some time back.

Less than impressed, but keeps the ears for freezing.

Less than impressed, but keeps the ears for freezing.

Otis was not as I had been expecting today. As the Vet said that this medicine would make him rather dopey for about two weeks until his body got use to it. He was actually his regular clown self. I do hope that this is the way it is going to be. Otis slept for the better part of the night, I got a better sleep, but still listening and checking on Otis frequently. So I am really tired.  I am hopeful that this is going to be the answer for him. He has not had a seizure now for 59 hours. His anal gland issue is no longer an issue and is almost back to normal.

Basically I have my buddy back. I will forever be concerned about him. Any thoughts of leaving him in some ones care for me to go away have now been long forgotten. Not ever going to happen.

So that is it in a nutshell I guess.

I would think that some one has listened to my prayers and stepped in to offer assistance.

Brightest Blessings Everyone.


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