Broken Rules

Today I broke one of my biggest rules for Otis.

Otis has been forbidden for ever from having his rubber balls in the house. Not that I don’t want him to have fun, but rather to keep the noise of them bouncing on the wooden floors disturbing anyone else.

Today Otis has had a good day no seizures in the past 34 hours. He also started on his medication this evening which will become an important part of his daily life twice a day. That included having to change his supper time to a little bit later as I have no intention of getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning to give him his morning med’s. The vet stressed that it is important to give the med’s twice a day being consistent with the time and being 12 hours apart.

Anyhow back to broken rules. We had a bit of a rough night last night. Otis was restless as much as he wanted and needed to go to sleep he was unable to settle himself down into one spot. Lay down, sit up, get up and find a new spot and do the whole thing over again. The issue was the rabies shot and having the vet drain the bad anal gland again and anxiety. He did eventually fall asleep and went back to bed after we had gotten up this morning. All the time being under my watchful eye. Keeping an eye open for any hint of a seizure. I even installed a small LED light on the floor so I could see him for times that he chose to try and sleep on the floor. So he ended up sleeping away most of the morning.

I had to sneak out for ten minutes to pick up his prescription for his new drugs. When I came home, Otis was most forlorn I have ever seen. We played for a bit with his stuffingless toys, and he would go get it after it was thrown for him but that soon faded and he would lay down and have no interest in anything. I took Otis into the back yard for a little bit, how ever that was short lived as it is still pretty chilly for the little guy to hang out. The sun only shines on the deck and the rest of the yard is well shaded. So we came back in.

I how ever in an attempt to put a smile on an other wise very sad puppy picked up one of his rubber balls to bring in. Once we were all settled I called Otis over to me, held the ball up to his nose and talk about a change. The eyes got big and bright like it was Christmas morning for a child.

It's Ball Time Again!!!

It’s Ball Time Again!!!

My one and only cardinal rule now broken. But the happiness that it brought with it. Otis and I played ball for a good hour until he got tired. Although I did not throw, toss or lob the ball in the house I did roll it so he had to run after it. Otis had great fun with it.

He must have. He has been snoozing for a while now. I did manage to get the med’s into him which require that he has food in his stomach. Problem there. He would not eat his dinner tonight, he had a few bites and I am hoping that it is going to be enough to do what it has to do. We were told that for the next two weeks after starting the med’s that Otis would be kind of dopey. Doing foolish things like standing on the wrong side of the door waiting for it to be opened and forgetting his commands types of things. Then once his body is use to the drug he should go back to normal.

I am really counting on this working for him. The  thoughts that have run through my mind are anything less than desirable.  Actually a life without Otis at this point would be no life at all.

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Veterinary Clinic that took care of us despite the fact that we did not have the funds to cover the visit and the treatment. Accepting nothing more than my word that they will be paid shortly. Which by the way they have been paid in full already.  The holistic Vet that I had been hoping to take Otis to would not even talk to me on the phone without my committing to $125.00 per 30 minute phone consultation. I am ever so happy that there still are people that have a sense of humanity and that are in business for the right reason. The care of an animal that is in a bad need of medical care rather than seeing the almighty dollar first. Durham Veterinary Clinic I salute you.

Here’s to better days for Otis, I hope and pray the med’s work and that he can have a happy and full and long life. If the med’s do not correct the problem, I don’t know. I how ever will never let Otis suffer. That is something that I have to take into account as there is no guarantee that this course of treatment is the answer. (as per the Vet.)

To the readers, thank you for the kind words of past posts with regards to this. They truly mean a lot.

Brightest Blessings, Everyone.


9 responses to “Broken Rules

  1. Some people forget that our pets are our family too. Good job taking care of him :)

  2. In all reality, Otis is like a child to (for) me. I owe him a lot (that I will not get into here and now). I made a commitment when I brought him into my life and I am not ever going to re-neg on that. I think that there are more than enough people in this world that take on pets and then don’t live up to the standards in which they must to ensure the best possible life that can be offered to that animal.
    Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to read my thoughts.

  3. I enjoy reading your thoughts. I find you to be a kind and compassionate human ( and there aren’t enough of these in my opinion) and I wish you (and Otis) the best :)

  4. Thank you, right now I can not say what the outcome is going to be. I am trying to be as positive as I can be. Otis for some reason was short changed from birth. A puppy that no one wanted because he was not of show quality, going blind shortly after turning two years old, and a bad hip to top it off and now this. He is my little trooper and together we are going to do our best to beat this.
    thank you, have a good day.

  5. We found a stray kitten near the train station. I didn’t want to keep him at first, but now I think he growing on me.
    I think I care more about animals than people.
    Damn my tender heart :)

  6. They kind of grow on you. By you taking the kitten in, you are giving it a far better life than it would have trying to make it on it’s own. Good on you! take care.

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