Doctor Day For Otis

Good News or Bad News, I am not sure yet.

Otis is officially an Epileptic Puppy. The Doctor was good and so compassionate.  One would have thought that Otis was her dog. Ever so gentle too.

After much discussion about what has been happening to Otis over the past few days and the doctor really listening to what I was saying. I also kept very good accounts of dates, times, severity, whether Otis was awake or asleep at the time, How long it lasted, How long it took him to recover.

The Doctor did a full exam. As we also had an issue with an anal gland, she took care of that as well. To do the anal stuff and the blood work they took Otis into the back area. I could hear them with him, they never stopped talking to him and making him feel good. Otis gets really scared in unfamiliar territory if his daddy is not there. They made him feel so good. When the Doctor brought him back out Otis was having a lick fest on the Doctors face and glasses.

The doctor determined that Otis does in fact have Epilepsy. Because of his age (not that he is old) but normally this is something that starts in dogs that are 2 and 3 years old. Otis will be 6 in a few months, so it was thought that possibly this is the result of some injury that Otis has had in the past. I advised the doctor as to Otis’s many adventures running full tilt into the fence or the car door, because of lack of sight.

She would not yay or nay that until the blood work returned. Claiming that there are infections that can bring this on. She also said that this is not a definitive diagnosis. If we want that then it would bring the medical bill into the thousands of dollars because getting CT scans or MRI’s for animals is very expensive.

Blood work came back late afternoon and it is clear and clean. Everything checks out to be absolutely normal. This bringing the Doctors diagnosis more into prospective of it being from and injury. Because Otis also had his rabies shot today and is starting on antibiotics for his broken bum we can start the Phenobarbital tomorrow. 2 tabs per day 12 hours apart to start with. Another check up down the road to measure how much he is having in his system. She told me that the drug works fairly quickly so the seizures should stop soon. But because this is caused by an injury, the seizures may in time get worse and then another course of action can be looked at.

Now I am grateful beyond what I ever could  express. Because when I phoned this morning to inquire about help for Otis I explained that I did not have any money at the moment but was very concerned for him and needed to get help right away. I could pay the bill at the end of the week or the start of next week and the reply was don’t worry about this right now, just bring him in and we will deal with the rest later. Thank You God for these people.

I originally did not want to take him to the regular vet but a Holistic instead. The holistic vet would not even talk to me on the phone unless I paid $125.00 for a half hour consult.

As much as I wanted to find another solution for my boy I did the best that I could with what I had to work with. I have done a lot of reading over the past few days and many other BT owners that have had to go this route are more than happy with it and have had their babies have full lives with no ill effects. We are talking up to and beyond the age of 14 for most. I can live with that.

So this has been an extremely expensive day for us. I have my rent and Car insurance to cover and I am able to do that. I can cover the full cost of the doctors visit and for the meds. I will sort out for groceries when I run out. I am just so thankful for being able to get the help that Otis needed. If anything happened to him that would have resulted in him having to have been taken from me, well that is the end of the road for me. That would be really hard to deal with.

If this is the results of any prayers that were said for Otis please accept our thanks. Oh yes I have decided this is really good news!


5 responses to “Doctor Day For Otis

  1. I’m glad the vets were kind people & they seem to have come up with a good plan of action you’re happy with. Glad you found other supportive articles from fellow BT owners to hep reassure you. Fingers crossed the treatment sorts Otis out & suppresses the epilepsy without ill-effects.
    Best wishes to you both.

  2. Thank you. Now is a wait and see. He has been really good today with exception to the unusual quietness. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will have a happy ending.
    Again thanks for the great links.

  3. The (rule-breaking) ball games sounded fun! He’s probably just a tad out of sorts due to the infection & rabies shot.
    Tale care & ‘night.

  4. I just picked him up from the floor to put him on the bed. The first phase of the Phenobarbital have now kicked in and I have zombie Otis. It has really knocked him for a loop. He will sleep tonight for sure. He is kind of out of it, This might be a good thing as I have not had much in the way of sleep since this started. Afraid that he will go into seizure and hurt himself, so always have a half an eye on him.
    Thanks again. Good night.

  5. My oldest son took seizures with his dTap shots. :/. I remember the sleeplessness. I found the best thing was to just keep him in the bed with me. This way I could get as much rest as possible but know I would wake if it were an issue. Good luck !

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