How Have I Gotten This Far, This Long

I must be some kind of genius or some thing. I collect all sorts of things and never want to get rid of anything, ever.

Sitting watching the news this morning I got this idea. I have had these Chinese Baoding Balls for the better part of 25 years.

Baoding Balls Box

Baoding Balls On StandFor what ever reason I have been thinking on ways of exercising my fingers without having my Ukulele in my hands, leaving me to just sit and exercise and concentrate on other things than balancing the Uke. Having had these sit on the shelf for 25 years and never ever really opening the box that contains them. It just popped into my head that these little gems would be a perfect method to achieve what it is that I am after.

By simply holding the balls in either your left or right hand and using the muscles in your hands and fingers to rotate the balls, keeping them moving. Eventually being able to keep the balls from touching each other and staying in motion. All while doing this the balls emit a pleasant soothing chiming sound.

Baoding Balls In Hand

Baoding Balls In MotionThere are many video’s on YouTube showing how to use the balls correctly. These come in a variety of sizes and materials. Also the names they can be found under vary. Baoding Balls, Chinese Health Balls, Chinese Exercise Balls are just a few.

I just thought that I would share this with all of you that might be interested. In my searches for exercises I have found many others searching for the same.

The benefits I hope to achieve with this is better dexterity, more strength in my fingers. One extra that is obtained is that these balls help to reduce your stress level, by the movement of the balls crossing the Meridian Points in your hands as well as the Chiming that the balls themselves make.

Keep on Strumming!




One response to “How Have I Gotten This Far, This Long

  1. How coincidental – I was looking for finger-strengthening exercises just a couple of weeks ago & found links to articles & videos on these. However, unlike you, I can’t find my – similarly virtually unused – set (which I was convinced were on or in my dressing table)!
    Must look harder now you’ve reminded me.
    Have a good week.

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