Shattered Nerves, A Bit Scared and Over Whelmed

How much shit can we endure?

I guess I am on the road of discovery.

Firstly Danny is doing fantastic. Busy all the time, flying around like I have never seen him do ever. Ever so chatty with his neighbor Pip. Eats well and drinks from the correct dish and bathes in his bird bath instead of the other way around.

Now I have a new challenge on the horizon.

The other day I had noticed a rather large slobber patch on the carpet. As I don’t knowingly slobber all over the place there is only one other to look at for that. Otis. Not giving it any thought at all until this morning.

I was having coffee and watching the never ending story of Flight MH370, Otis having had his play session all wrapped up was sound asleep on the floor by my feet.

Otis went into a major seizure, unlike anything I have ever seen before. I called my housemate for help as I really was not equipped to handle this. To me it seemed like it went on for ever, how ever I have been assured it was only a minute, two tops. Once it was over with Otis rested a moment and was up and off to the races. As much as I tried to get him to lay on the bed and rest, he was hell bound to acquire his toys and play. Seemingly no worse for ware. Oh yes the slobber patch I mentioned was the same as the one left behind this morning. This leads me to believe that this is the second episode for this.

No I did not rush him off to see the vet. I did some reading online about seizures and Boston Terriers. BT’s are predisposed to these and typically nothing is done until there has been a few of them. At which point a prescription for Phenobarbital issued. A road I would rather not go down. As this drug brings with it other complications. I will be seeking out a homeopathic vet for an alternative way to handle this.

Talk about scare the … out of me. If I loose Otis then I loose it all.

I have been busy trying to find another place to live as I have really come to the end here. My tolerance for what goes on here is very short now. IE the other evening the water bowl for housemates pets was picked up to be washed. It was put in the sink and that is as far as it got. When I got up in the morning the cat be-lined to Otis’s water bowl. why? because her bowl was still sitting in the sink unwashed and empty. Or. Twice this week her dog has been locked in her room when she has gone out. Doggy hair and rinsing containers sat in the bathtub for two days after the fact making the tub unusable by anyone else. Or the best is to come in the back gate and not close it allowing her dog to take off.

I am sorry but if smoking pot messes up your head this much then maybe it is time to take a step back and give your head a shake. (also would give a bit of a reprieve to the stench others have no option but to put up with) (Why will I never leave Otis in the care of this person?)

Any how a new set of worries to deal with. If he has another one of these seizures anytime in the next little while I will have no option but to take him into the Vet, I am really hoping to be able to find a Homeopathic vet before that though.

Just to let you all know Otis is feeling super this evening, ate all his supper and had his play time as well as we went on a short walk (only because it was to cold to stay out longer).  Before I go I am gong to ask for you to keep Otis in thoughts and prayers for a little bit please. We can use all the help we can get.

Happy Spring everyone. Even though it is still unseasonably cold.


5 responses to “Shattered Nerves, A Bit Scared and Over Whelmed

  1. Thank you, I think I would argue that point, my grammar is bad and spelling and use of punctuation….
    Never the less I am happy that you enjoy.

  2. Sorry to hear about Otis- best of luck with getting a suitable solution. Looking quickly on-line, aside from getting a good check-up a the vet (just to rule out any other cause, such as hypoglycaemia, ear infection or any other physical complaint), there seem to be a number of holistic options, such as herbal supplements or even acupuncture.

    You’ve probably already read lots but these seemed useful starter articles:

    Take care.


  3. Thank you,
    Unbelievable as to the shortage of Holistic Vet’s in this country.
    Closest one is an hour drive from here. I sent in the pre-visit form online and will call for an appointment as soon as they open tomorrow.
    Otis had another issue during the night. An impacted anal gland. At 4 am I was draining his anal glands, not the nicest thing to be doing at any time, but at that time of the morning makes it all that more special.
    Hope this is bout of negative stuff is coming to an end soon.
    Enjoy whats left of the weekend.
    Again thanks for the info.

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