Should We Be Worried

Too many things are happening at one time.

Firstly I know nothing about anything. The statements I am going to make are purely attempts to voice the way I see things.

Government instabilities, commandeered air craft, Government’s with-holding pertinent information.

Firstly we have the happenings of Cremia. I can’t say that I totally understand. The people voting for separation.  I understand that as we have had threats of that right here in Canada. Does that mean if Quebec made that move again that we would have all sorts of other countries threatening us with war and sanctions? Never the less, how exactly does this affect the rest of the world. If Cremea has done this on their own and asked for assistance from Russia, does any other country have the right to go in and make demands and interfere?

Realistically if you look at the unrest we have been seeing with other countries having their own internal strife and having outsiders stepping in bringing along with them their own types of violence and enforcement. None of these locations has fared all that well if you were to ask me. By what right do we have to interfere, go in and remove a government.

I mean with all the threats of States wanting to secede from the Union of the United States, is that something that the citizens of the United States have to look forward to? Intervention and interference from outside countries. I think that countries must be left to sort things out on their own, with out some bully coming in making demands and saying that this is the way it is going to be.

Alike to the Prime Minister of Canada going into the United States and telling the people of the United States that they are going to get the KeyStone Pipeline whether they want it or not, “I will not accept no as an answer” This type of aggressive behaviour is unacceptable and un-tolerable.

Moving on. We have a Jet liner missing with 230 some passengers on board. A government that somehow thinks that with holding pertinent information is a good thing. With 24 countries involved in trying to help search for the aircraft. Everyday they come out and claim this and that. What the heck? Ten days into the disappearance and we are no farther than day one at this point.

The Korea’s are now looking to start picking at each other. Fuck learn how to be neighbors. Everyone has to have a pissing contest.

We are going backwards here people. With a bunch of kooks in command and throwing around threats of war and better yet nuclear war. Everyone needs to back the fuck off, mind your own business. Get your own affairs in order before you get your noses embedded into everyone else’s business.

The threats that we are under in the here and now are beyond anything that we can prepare for. I have to almost laugh at all of the preppers out there (no offence intended). The deepest bunker and all the food in the world is not going to protect you from what we are looking at. So I truly hope you are flexible, cause you may have to accept the fact that you are going to have to bend way over spread those cheeks and kiss it goodbye.

When each and every country has their next elections every person of voting age must find away to become informed and know what the fuck and who the fuck you are voting for. It is up to each and every individual to put forth the change to make our world a place that we are able to continue to thrive and live.

There you have it, the thoughts of someone who knows nothing about anything.

Have a good start to the week.