Not So Sure Getting Old Is So Good

Not a good way to start the weekend.

I just spent the past 2.5 hours in the Hospital Emergency Department.

I went for a 4 block walk (8 blocks return trip) this morning and ended up causing myself great back pain. Well that is nothing new, I have seen that my ability to walk very far is gone and getting less and less. Anyhow after I got home I had settled down to watch a bit of TV and relax. While totally relaxed I broke out in a sweat that was major league. Something like I would get if I were out splitting the fire wood supply for the winter. For no reason. I didn’t think to much about it for the first two or three times it happened.

Then I started getting this really major pain in my chest. I let that go for the first three attempts too. After supper I started getting those pains again and again. I looked up heart attack symptoms on the internet and decided that maybe I should go in because of the sweating and pain combo pack.

I love the little hospital here. Two and a half blocks away. I walked over there at 7 pm and was back home at 9:30 pm. I got the all clear. they hooked me up to some heart monitor thing and a blood pressure checker, did some blood work and did two chest xrays. Need less to say that I got the all clear. Follow up with my regular doctor.

I hate that I wasted their time. How ever what are you suppose to do. I really didn’t feel like going on any major long term (permanent) type journeys tonight.

Here’s to another day. Otis will not be an orphan as long as I can help it.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend.

On a side note.

Danny (my newly widower-ed parrolett) is doing very well. I have never seen him so active and tending to all of his needs himself. He actually was one very lucky little guy, his mate fed him, brought him food, cleaned and preened him, was almost attached to him with glue. To me that was true love. They really cared for one another. He has called out for her a lot today. How ever he is traveling the cage and doing everything himself. To you this may not be much. To me this is great. This is a little bird that can not walk (broken hips). He has to drag himself where ever he goes. With the way I have set up his cage he can do what he wants when he wants. This little bird is one special little guy. Some day I will make a video of him in action. He may be the meaning of INSPIRATION.

Hang In There Baby

Hang In There Baby

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Danny Getting Tummy Rub, Trixie Looking On

Danny Getting Tummy Rub, Trixie Looking On


7 responses to “Not So Sure Getting Old Is So Good

  1. Hope you’re feeling better – better safe than sorry! Looking forward to a video of your parrotlet. He is precious! The trust he has for you in that last photo is clear.

  2. Glad you got the all-clear & hope you’re felling much better now – always best to get a check-up, they’d rather you did & stayed well. Glad to hear that Danny is still doing well & a video sometime will be fun.

    A lovely sunny weekend here at last; hope you have a good one too.


  3. Thanks. Feeling okay, not great but okay.
    Danny is just going to beat the band today, lots of flight time and adventure like I have never seen him do before.
    Crappy cold weather still. In fact it is snowing as I type this.
    Some day the warm weather will reappear!

  4. I had a scare like that once and I walked up a hill to get to the medical centre while my chest burned. I thought it was a heart attack, but doctors said it was stomach acid.
    I guess If you can walk to the medical centre or hospital, its not a heart attack. But better safe then sorry.

  5. I truly hope that you don’t use that as a guide to whether that might be a heart attack. There are a great many things that you can do while in the midst of a heart attack. Admittedly walking there is a pretty stupid thing to do, The hospital is 2 and 1/2 blocks was not about to call an ambulance for that.

  6. They didn’t say what it was other than the fact that I was okay not a heart issue. I am to follow up with my doctor, but as I have to travel to another town for that I am waiting until my next appointment instead of making a special trip only to have to go back again for my regular appointment.
    Happy to hear that you are okay too, never leave it to chance. Get it checked out as you never know.

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