Sad Day In My House

It’s a sad day in my house today. My female (Spectacaled) parrotlet passed away at 6:45 this morning. She had gotten sick on Tuesday. I kept her in my hands from 7:15 last night until this morning when she passed away. When I came in from shoveling the snow last evening she had taken a turn for the worse and I found her unconscious on the bottom of her cage, still breathing though.

I chose to keep her in my hands as I would be sure that she would stay warm enough. She came to a couple of times during the night. I got her to take a couple of drops of water from a syringe as well as a pablum made from ground pellets (for small parrots) also via a syringe. She took both willingly. I thought at a couple of times during the night that she might pull through as she got up from her unconscious state and roamed around on me.

When her mate woke up this morning he started calling for her and she awoke and replied to his calls and that was it. Maybe that was what she was waiting for, a chance to say good bye.

I will worry about him now as he is really disabled. He came to me like that. When I bought her, he got thrown in as part of the deal. He had a couple of flying accidents before coming to me, in which he had shattered his hips. He is not able to walk. I have made a special cage for him that has racks in it that he can pull himself around as well as perches that resemble tree branches. they each have several forks in them so he is able to perch himself where ever he pleases.

Trixie (who just passed) and Danny were like permanently glued to each other. Where one was the other was right there as well. Poor Danny is calling and calling for Trixie this morning. I hope that I am able to fulfill his needs as a replacement. Although I have a third Little Blue Boy (Pacific Parrotlet), they have never spent any time together. As it was always a worry some ordeal and I worried for the safety of all the birds and did not want to see any toes lobbed off for intruding on a cage.

Time will tell I will let Pip  (little blue boy) get closer to Danny and see how it goes. They chatter with each other constantly so maybe with a little bit of luck. Trixie was 9 years old, Danny is 10 years old and little Pip is going to be 4 this April.

Otis will miss Trixie as well as he spent a lot of time by the cage, he was infatuated with the birds when he could see and it really never wore off.

My sweet little bird, I hope that you have found your way over the Rainbow Bridge where you are now free to fly as high and as far as you care too. Thank you for being such a great companion to Danny, always tending to his every need and wish. And thank you for being such an amazing part of my life. You will be very missed.


5 responses to “Sad Day In My House

  1. So sorry to hear this tale. It’s always very upsetting when a pet passes away.At least you know you did your best for Trixie.
    Take care.

  2. Thanks. It may have been a blessing in disguise. I have never seen Danny do so many things that he is doing now. Trixie really catered to his every need. Cleaning him, feeding him, bringing him food. He is now all over the cage, using the ladder and bars in the cage to get him from point a to point b. He does miss her and calls out for her a lot. But fact of the matter is that he is more active and busy than he has ever been.
    Again Thank You.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Glad to hear there is something positive to the situation. And he will hopefully make good friends with Pip.
    Have a good weekend.

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