Me? Issues?

I had a choice of what I wanted to write about today.

The Deep Dark Abyss that I so often find myself in. Or my views and thoughts on the movie “HER”.

I’ll leave the Abyss for maybe another day. Maybe I will someday be able to sort it out. Then again maybe not.

Spoiler alert, if you have not watched “HER” and plan to, do not read this post.

You know that I have had a lot of time on my hands as, it has been so cold outside. Otis and I are not of the cold winter sports kind of guys.

We have hunkered down and watched the movie “Her” a total of six times in the last week or so. Well I have, Otis is lucky to get past the title before he is sound asleep, snuggled so tightly against my chest that I can’t move.

I guess from that last statement that you can tell that I really enjoyed the movie. Despite finding some parts rather disturbing. I can really relate to Theodore. In fact I could almost be him. I am of the same making. I keep everything inside, never letting things out that should be let out when in a relationship. Actually denying that there is an issue or a problem. Doing my up most to live with it rather than cause waves.  There is good reason that I am the way I am. Someday if I choose to write about the Great Abyss it will all be listed in there. Then and only then will people understand.

While keeping everything inside, hiding or lying as it were. The only person that you are fooling is yourself. No matter how hard you try you can not hide the tension that you are feeling. I am no different here, distancing myself from things that I don’t like or agree with. I don’t like confrontation nor do I like to cause waves. It is easier to suffer in silence.

I am at a point in my life now where the loneliness is taking it’s toll and will win out someday I am afraid. Otis and I are now in our 5th year of not having any one to really sit down and talk to about any thing other than “oh it’s a nice day” “It’s really cold out” types of things. My home phone has never rang once in the 5 years I have been here, and my cell phone well I used it once to get a tow truck for the van.

I wonder how I would fare with an artificial intelligence as a companion? Would I fail at that as well? Most likely. My major character flaw is to do my best to ensure everyone else’s happiness at great personal expense to my own well being. In the long run it does not pay off very well.

I wonder what a relationship with someone that you never actually meet face to face would be like? Can you actually fall in love with someone that you never can be with?

The way I see it is an artificial intelligence entity would not fair well for me. I can’t even get my point across to SIRI on my Ipod. She never seems to understand what I am saying.  Nor does my GPS in the van. It takes me for ever to explain to the device where I want to go and then usually have to pull over and type it in anyhow. I do speak English and I believe it is pretty accurately and grammatically correct.

I did take notice of the groups of people in the movie, they never really interact with one another. They all seem to be engaged in conversation with a device, holding their heads down, not looking up and enjoying the things around them. What a sad world it would become should something like this ever come to fruition.

While my world is not a nice place, I fear that it is a whole lot better than that.

I also did not understand the part of bringing in a third party to engage in sexual activities. I can not grasp how that is going to help the artificial intelligence in any way shape or form. And yet I credit Theodore for his reaction to it. I would never be able to manage there either. It is akin to cheating in my view. Although I have never done it I have had it done to me and it really hurts badly. That aside, I totally understand his view. He has no feelings for this other person, he does not know who she is. He as I, do not understand just hoping in the sack for the sake of getting off. It doesn’t work. Yes I know that there are many who do this and do it frequently. Sex is Sex to some. To others is it much more than that.

So we get to end of the movie and I had to have confirmation for that because I was not 100% sure of what I believed I was seeing. I give credit to Spike Jonze, what a wonderful imagination to have. A great story, one that I hope to see win some awards.

Really can some one fall in love with an artificial intelligence? Can someone have a relationship with someone that they will never have the pleasure of spending time with, in person?

Happy Day everyone.