Otis Loves His Treats

I wanted to share with you, how Otis enjoys his treats.

Otis is really fussy when it comes to treats. He will pass up most. Forget about dry cookies (unless of course they are for human cookies). Won’t touch any of the doggie jerky type treats. I won’t give him things that are actually animal parts ie pig ears, pig feet or those huge bones from the Flea market butcher. They all have some kind of coating on them. My vet said that was a good way to administer unwanted parasites to unsuspecting puppies.

One Treat that we have found that Otis has even learned the sound of the container. Iams Shakeables, particularly the Turkey flavour.

I hope you enjoy this short clip as much as Otis enjoys the treats.

Looks like Canada is going to get the Gold in Mens Hockey!!! Yeah Canada, Go Canada  Go.


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