Wasted Day, To Much Thought


Picture is stolen from Google Image Search. (nobody I know)

So, I have been sitting here today watching the last few events of the Olympics. Mind you not really paying to much attention to anything.

Lost in thought. I really would like to believe that we are not the only life forms in this place we call home.  I mean really, how could it be the least bit possible that in this great expanse we could be the only intelligent life form?

 If you go on YouTube there is vast amounts of video of aliens and UFO and all sorts of phenomena. I truly want to believe, I do. Really I know deep down that there is life outside of our universe. What they may look like, well who knows. I am not going to believe for a moment that they are all some humanoid type form.

What I want to know though is why is there not one clear video or photo of these Aliens. I can understand the photos and vid’s from say 20 to 50 years ago not being so wonderful. but the stuff of the here and now? Come on not everyone has a crappy camera. so how is it possible that no one can manage to get good footage.

Another dream land thought of the day, found me searching the Internet for cross country ski boots, ski’s and polls and bindings. What the f and I thinking? I can barely walk to the corner store. Really the extent of me  doing any skiing would be me getting the ski’s off of the roof of the van and that would be the finish of me.

Or the better one is searching for a used sail boat that I could get back into seaworthy/voyage worthy shape and living aboard (in a warmer climate). Another not going to happen waste of time. Firstly I would not be able to hoist the sails, never mind standing at the wheel for any length of time. And what of Otis. A blind dog on a boat, that is not an accident waiting to happen.

Why am I so into dreaming of all the things that I can’t do lately. I am not even sure that I can manage the trailer this year. I know I have some major repairs to make from last winters damage and summer rains, not even thinking of this winters massive snow dumping and ice storms. Although I did repair the roof I still have lots to repair inside. Can I manage to haul water this year, doubtful. I am not doing my garden this year as I can’t manage it with out putting myself in bed for days on end. The grass cutting is a major undertaking. If I can’t manage the up keep there is really no point to any of it.

So back to Aliens and Sailing in my head. This is not the life I signed up for. I had kind of figured on a more active life style. You know like kayaking or canoeing. Doing wildlife photo shoots, hiking or an adventure bike ride. Really what the f are you suppose to do sitting at home?

The more you sit at home the more your brain vegetates. Again not the life I signed up for. As much as I love my pond and sounds of the running water for my morning coffee. I want something more. 

Never mind me, just one of those kinds of days. I think that what my life has become has taken a bit of a toll on my mental health. I need to turn things around and start working towards things that I can do not what I can’t.