Okay So I Failed

I was doing pretty good. I made 7 days without a cigarette. I caved today. I was feeling so stressed and so sick that I went to the store and bought a package of cigarettes.

So I lost this battle how ever it does not mean that I will loose the war. I am determined to get there. Personally I think that it is a good step forward. Perhaps the next attempt will bring me to 10 or 14 days or perhaps never to pick up another in my life time.

It is a really big deal to go with out when you have 41 years invested into the tobacco scene. I will try and try until I get it right.

On the good news front.

I have not picked up my Ukulele for almost two weeks. Not feeling the urge as it were, as well as just plain being down, ill feeling, pain that is not able to be compared to anything that I know.

Today I picked it up and worked on my picking of Oh Danny Boy and Moon River. I also got out the Daily Ukulele and strummed along to a couple of songs and much to my surprise I managed to play songs that were able to be identified for what they were. Yes still slower than they were suppose to be. But that has actually given me some confidence where I have never felt it before. I can’t explain where it came from, it just happened. I sang the songs in my head. For some reason my strumming hand was able to strum out a pattern that resembled the song.

I think the the key is to never give up hope. There is always going to be that slim chance that you might be able to succeed if you try and try and try some more.

I will take that method to my attempts to stop smoking too. Try and try and try some more until I succeed.

Happy Weekend Everyone


One response to “Okay So I Failed

  1. excellent and emotional post, William… I’ve never smoked, but my late mama(RIP) would have been alive if she had stoped smoking earlier… this is a very interesting and realistic article, if you have some spare time, of course:
    * * *
    I do know it’s not easy or simple, but do try at least… my very best, courage, strong will and determination… you’ll make it! :) cheers, Mélanie

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