Hat Day

First off a really big Thank You to Megan of  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PeonyCrochet

Although Otis’s first reaction to the hat is not much different than what I had expected as the pictures will attest to. I am pretty confident that as time goes by he will get use to it and maybe appreciate it on those truly cold days.

I think that this whole idea came through pretty well. From a picture on the internet to sending that same picture accompanied with the measurements of Otis’s head and neck. I think in hindsight I could have added another 2 – 3 cm (1 inch) onto the hat. I can not complain what so ever about the hat at all, the measurements that I sent are what the hat was made to. Personally I think I can crochet 2-3 maybe even 4 rows onto the front of the hat to bring it forward to cover just that missing bit.

Job well done Megan, the colour choice is a pretty good match with Otis’s heavy coat. Although the pictures portray the hat to be almost a bright read, it is not. A closer match to the coat would be nDSCF5416ext best to photo 2impossible.

DSCF5399DSCF5400DSCF5402photo 5photo 1DSCF5418




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  2. He actually has winter boots (not crochet). They serve two purposes, warmer feet / no ice balls get stuck between his toes. Also protection from the salt that is used on the roads and sidewalks here to melt the ice. (eats the pads of dogs feet.

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