Well As much as I like and appreciate the hard work put into this project by Megan of

I had to make a few alterations.

1st I added a few rows to allow the hat to come farther on to Otis’s forehead. After doing that I found that the hat now covered the area better how ever the front section that I added was well kind of floppy and not tight fitting. So I added some darts 5 to be exact. And now the hat fits nice and snug.

I had not attached the hat to Otis’s collar originally. I did soon find out just how smart he is. I watch him pull the hat over his head so he could remove it. Two paws, one on each side of the hat and pull it forward over the eyes, over the nose and that will allow it to be removed without having to fuss with the tie-up strings.

Thank you Megan for adding the loop at the back for the collar, I didn’t think it would have to be used, glad I thought of it though.

I truly hope that you don’t mind that I altered your work of art. In order for it work the way we need it to, I had to do it.

Again any Boston Terrier People that have unseasonable cold and frost bitten ears. Check out Megan’s site, she may be able to help you out.

DSCF5423and  DSCF5426DSCF5425



4 responses to “Alterations

  1. Thanks. I knew that the crochet stuff I learned when I was in the Army would pay off one day!!!!
    Temps have now jumped to the likes of 46.4 degrees F (8 degrees C) but next week we are back to the bitter stuff again 10.4 – -4 degrees F (-12 – -20 degrees C) So Otis will get a little bit of use out of it this winter still.

  2. I don’t mind at all! I think it looks snugger on his little head :) You did a good job of adding that on there without having access to the same yarn. Yes, animals are too smart and they will take clothes off as quickly as you put them on given they don’t have something keeping it on their bodies ;) My kitty does the same thing.

  3. We’ll see next week how it works out. We dip down to the frigid temps again. Otis typically is not a fan of the coat and boots and now to add a hat into the mix. Once he is walking outside it seems to be forgotten rather quickly. It has been so cold this winter that Otis has really only had one good outing. the rest has just been in the back yard. He certainly was not built for Canadian winters.

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