Day Four

Jeeze, talk about snow. I can’t do any more snow. We got dumped on last night. Not like it was a surprise though. I knew it was coming. In fact I got up super early to make sure I was able to get rid of it before it got packed down. Not light fluffy stuff either this round. This was some heavy stuff. I was out for 6 am to clear vehicles and snow. I completed the task at hand by 7:45. At which time I sat back and enjoyed my morning coffee.

Surprised at how well I was feeling after shoveling the snow.  After coffee I layed on the bed with Otis, whom had made the decision to go back to bed after I had gone outside. I put the Olympics on tv and dozed off. Only for an hour but dozed off never the less.

By noon we were in the midst of another blast of winter. It was snowing and blowing and all my work of the morning had been wiped out. It was like I had never been outside at all. When this blast stopped I dressed and went out again. Cleaned everything out this time including the back deck and pavers in the back yard. The new snow might be to deep for Otis to find his way around so he has a place to go that is not deeper than he is high. Just as I finished up the snow plow did my street, so I had to go and remove the windrow that he so generously left me.

I am sorry to say that I am now done for the day. The back pain has reared it’s ugly head. As much as I wanted to go to bed I had to stay up and boil ground beef and rice for Otis’s suppers. (I add a helping of rice and ground beef to Otis’s dog food daily).

I am disappointed with the United States Postal Service. There is no trace of what has become of Otis’s new winter hat. The last mention of it was on Feb. 15/14. We have no idea where it is other than in transit. Maybe the tracker thing does not update. Who knows. Guess it’ll get here when it gets here.

So to go along with my broken body I have not had a cigarette for 4 days now. No I have not quit. I am not a quitter and refuse to be grouped in that category. I just choose to not smoke right now. One minute at a time!!! I have to say that I really feel ugly and nasty and could actually rip someones head off and …. Well I am hoping that this will pass in time. If it doesn’t then I am going to be back to the tobacco products soon.

As much as I want to practice Ukulele, that is not going to happen until the body pain subsides from the snow. They claim starting tomorrow we will be getting rain for two days and then the temp drops way down again and back to snow on Sunday. Apparently we are going to get another dumping like we had last night and today. Joy oh joy I can hardly contain myself. In case anyone is curious about whether The Old fellow next door cleared his snow after the last dumping we had the answer is no. I cleared it up today as with what we got over night and today make it just far to much to expect him to do anything with it. Obviously his family does not give a rats ass one way or the other. So I cleared it.

A little time to lay down and take the weight off my back and bones for a bit before I need to get Otis his supper.

I hope everyone is well.

Quickie update on the package. it has traveled 228 miles/366km since it started it’s journey on February 13, 2014. Go USPS!!!! According to Google that is a 3 hour 42 minute drive!!!!


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  1. Well when it is piled higher than you can throw it with the shovel it creates some issue’s. Otis has issue with it too as it limits the places he can go in the yard, in fear of getting swallowed up whole! The temps are going to warm very soon and it’ll all be gone!!!

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