I Never Could Have Imagined

I never could have imagined that the postal service in two countries were battling it out for who could possibly offer the worst service.

Canada Postal Service vs United States Postal Service.

This boggles my mind that a package was delivered to a United States Postal Office in Bloomington, IN. On February 13th at 5:39 pm where it sat until February 14th at 4:58 pm to be shipped to a sorting facility in Indianapolis IN. The package was processed at 11:15 pm on February 14th. Leaving Indianapolis for unknown location on February 15th at an undisclosed time .

What is the distance between Bloomington and Indianapolis? Google maps says 52 miles about 1 hour and 4 minutes travel time. Of course you have to work in some time for doughnuts and coffee and the release of said doughnuts and coffee. I honestly believed that there was no slower service than Canada Post.  Heck the guy driving the truck could have walked it to its destination faster.

I can’t say for sure as to whether or not the rates for such service has increased in the United States, I do know that such a service in Canada has increased mega buck and then only after the increase do we hear on the news how so many communities have not had mail delivery for two and three weeks at a time.

These are government operations. I mean really come on. This reason alone could be enough to explain why they and I mean they both postal services are in deep crap. They cry and complain and whine some more about how private companies and the internet are taking away the business. Bull shit I say. They are defeating themselves with shit service.

One would actually think that with the mass volume of Internet shopping people are doing that business would actually be booming with all those sales. Someone has to be making those deliveries right? With service like that it is no wonder that no one wants to do business with the likes.

I always wanted to do a postal test and see what really happens. If and I say if I knew someone in Vancouver, I would like to make arrangements to mail two packages to myself. One from say Toronto which is not far from me less than an hour by car. And one from Vancouver and see just how long it takes each package to arrive. Of course having the same time stamp on both packages.

There was a day at one time when you could not go wrong dealing with either the Canadian post or the the United States post. They were great companies. The mail always got through, no excuses. Man, times have changed and certainly not for the better. Everyone complains that the unions messed everything up for everyone. I think I would have to disagree on that some what. I mean really they have brought wages and benefits up for many including those that are not in union jobs. Where would we be had they not fought for those benefits and wage increases. Even the non union employees have benefited from this as well. I agree not to the same extent but they have gained. In Canada we get paid holidays, a minimum wage, paid extra if you have to work on holidays.

Now is not the time for a debate on that though. It is time for people to stand up and demand the services to be provided that we all pay big bucks for. The cost of those services has increased and increased and increased some more, how is it that the service that we pay for has deteriorated to such intolerable levels.

It is not just the postal service though, so not fair to pick on those boys and girls alone. Look at the airlines, train, bus. Have they not increased prices dramatically and reduced service. Look at air travel. At one time that was something special. You were treated like royalty, and if you traveled first class. Well that I can’t answer. I never had that privilege. Anyhow you no longer get your meals on the aircraft, no drink no peanuts. What the hell, we pay enough for the damn flight, come on provide some perks. I mean really. And they are looking at charging per the weight of each passenger?

What kind of society have we allowed this to be changed into.

I guess lost in the mail really does mean lost in the mail now.

Happy Family Day for those readers in Ontario which the holiday was forced upon (as long as you are a government employee it is a holiday)

As for the rest of the real world, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Got all dug out from the snow storms and rested up after the fact.

Don’t take shit from The Man any longer, time to stand up for what use to be our rights.