Venturing Into The Unknown (for me)

Today I want to touch on a topic that I really have no knowledge of. The last thing that I want to do is ruffle feathers or hurt feelings. So Please if I say something that comes across the wrong way, please accept my apologies in advance as it is surely not the outcome that I want.

Lately there has been a lot of controversy happening at Toronto City Hall. I am sure that a majority have heard or read or know first hand about the goings on of the esteemed Rob Ford. The Crack Scandal being  enough for most but now the big flap over the Rainbow Flag flying at City Hall.

So in reality it has been deemed that Rob Ford is Homophobic or what ever you want to call it. He claims to not want to support the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual movement. “I don’t want to see a bunch of older men running buck naked in the downtown core” during the Pride Parade.

Is it not part of taking on the role of being the leader of a community to support each and every group? There is no room for this type of behavior or thought process for that matter.

I have a hard time understanding racism, hatred of any kind. In all reality how does it have any impact on any one else’s life  as to what the sexual preference, religious beliefs, colour of skin of someone else? Really how does it impact your life.

I often bothers me when the press comes out and says “So n So (of what ever sports team) came out of the closet at last nights dinner award” ( I am just using this as an example). Why make such a big deal of it. Is it even news worthy? It has no bearing on your life what so ever. They are not in your face trying to have a sexual encounter with you. What difference does it make. Does it make them play the sport differently? Does it make them any more or less of a human being? I mean really, how does who or how someone has sex have any bearing or implication on anyone else’s life (other than the second person invovled)?

I mean really, why the need to advertise it. Because we are plagued with those that can not accept anything that is different. Why fuel the fire. These people have a hard enough time with out having the added pressure of having their choices made as headlines in the News.

I am not gay or bi or anything else. I accept people as people. It makes no difference what their sexual preference is (in all honesty it is none of my business) or what god they pray to or worship. Or what race they are. Why can we not just accept everyone as a human being?

What brought this about was the big news that Ellen Page came out last night. Why do we need to know this? How does it impact my life? Should I change my view on how I perceive her? Of course not. I look up to and I respect her and what she does. I have held that opinion for many years and I am not about to change now.

We are one messed up society if we have to broadcast what someones sexual preference is. We Are All Human Beings. That is all we need to know.

I realize this is a very touchy subject to many people. As human beings we need to learn that nothing else matters. What Joe Blow down the streets religious belief is has no bearing on how he is going to repair your car at the service station.

Wake Up citizens of Planet Earth. Don’t allow these prehistoric thought’s drag us back to the stone age. Just because we don’t understand something is not just cause to have prejudices.

Thank you for taking the time to read my point of view.



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  1. I think that it will be good when there is no longer a need for “coming out” but I think the need is still there. People are assumed to be “straight” unless they are open about being “gay”. This can lead to feeling misunderstood and often it is a relief to correct that misunderstanding. Feeling accepted for who a person is is quite important. Just my two cents :). Hope today finds you a bit better :)

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