A New Day

Today is Valentines Day, a day celebrated by many couples or couple wanna be’s. I am of the belief that those that practice this special day might want to take a step back and question why? I think it far better to practice the activities of today far more often. Really is there something wrong with telling and showing your love for your partner on more than this one day. A day when it is expected, I like the more spontaneous version the surprise. There really is nothing wrong with expressing your love to your significant other. Remind them that you love them and the reasons why you do. Show some appreciation for your significant other, don’t settle down and become complacent and take them for granted.

Being February 14th also means that we are half way through the month. February 2nd was ground hog day at which point it generally means that there is six more weeks of winter. So basically that means that we now have about  four weeks left of winter mark. I like to think that no matter what we are dished out at this point doesn’t really worry me to much as a general rule it will fade away some what faster than lets say the beginning of January.

I have found myself here in bed for a second day, still dealing with the excess pain. Hoping that by committing myself to doing absolutely nothing will get me going faster. Between the Olympics being on, and I really like to watch almost all of the events with exception to the hockey (funny to be Canadian and not care for hockey). And the release today of NetFlix’s “House Of Cards” I’m all set.

Otis has had his playtime, bombing around playing fetch with his stuffing-less toys, has been out a couple of times and now hunkered down for his afternoon snuggle and nap with me. All tucked under the mass of blankets, snoring up a storm. Today I should be outside doing something. The fresh air is good for you! Believe it or not we have gone from the frigid temps to the Icicles hanging from the eaves troughs starting to melt. A far cry from what we have become so use to. The only downside of February is that it starts to get really dirty looking outside. The nice white snow is becoming dingy and dirty from the dust and dirt and sand blowing around.

Off to watch an episode or two of House Of Cards. Try to get in some Ukulele practice as I have for some reason not picked up my instrument for days now.

Happy Valentines Day to each and everyone of you that supports the tradition. And to everyone else, here’s to just have a super day!