Looks Can Be Deceiving

I should have looked at the thermometer before I ventured out today.

Being one that really would rather walk to the plaza than drive, is precisely what I did this morning. The sun was shining so brightly, and reflecting off of the snow banks piled high in front of every ones homes. For what ever reason it never dawned on me to look at the temp. I was on a mission, today was refill prescriptions day, and I know better than to put it off because I will forget and then tomorrow I will find myself in huge amounts of trouble (experience speaks volumes).

Off I went ear buds in, Ipod pumping out the music of my favorite Ukulele players. I got about a block away and it hit me as to just how friggin’ cold it really was. Pulled my hat as far down on my head as I could get it to go, trying to cover my ears all the way. It is only 4 blocks to the plaza. The only time I drive over is if it is really cold or raining.

Got my refills taken care of and picked up a few items in the Grocery store and back home. Hot coffee and Otis to warm me up.

Speaking of Otis. We got a win today. As Otis has frost bitten both ears, despite how fast the little guy is with getting out to take care of business and get back in the house. I had previously decided that I needed to get a hat for him. Through the marvels of the internet I found the perfect hat. It is crocheted and pretty funky. I thought to make it myself, how ever no matter how hard I searched I could not find a pattern for this. So much for me doing it on my own.

Luck be with me and Otis for that matter (although he may not feel that way at the beginning of the hat wearing deal) I know someone that possibly could help me out. A fellow Blogger that I have been following for some time has set up an Etsy Shop. I find nothing more rewarding than supporting small business if I possibly can. So I sent a note off with a request, followed by a picture of what I was after and the measurements of an Otis head. Megan is such a sweet young lady. She first off said that she didn’t know. I figured that she probably could wing it with the picture and the measurements. To my surprise I got an email back this afternoon with a link to a YouTube video. The email asked what I thought. Heavens it could not be closer to the hat that I want for Otis if it were a clone. Not only a talented Crochet artist but a super researcher. I have searched for over a year for the pattern for that hat and within a matter of a couple of hours Megan’s got it all under control.

If anyone out there has any crochet items that they may be wanting this young lady is the one to go to. Check it out, one never knows what you may find.


Megan if you read this thank you ever so much from me and of course Otis.


15 responses to “Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. Poor Otis, Hope he gets well soon and please post a picture with Otis and his hat :D He must look adorable.

  2. Lease are regular people for the most, some have become famous, how ever I started following them before they did.
    Here are the YouTube links to them. These are fun to listen too.
    Hope you like them as much as I do.

  3. Reblogged this on The War in My Brain and commented:

    Hi everyone! I have never reblogged anything before, but this post meant a lot to me. I’ve been working with William for the past couple of days on making a crochet hat for his cutie Boston terrier, Otis. Little Otis’s ears are freezing in the cold Canadian air, so William requested that I make a hat without ear holes. I found a pattern, he placed the order, and I’ll be creating this little hat tonight. I’m so excited! I’ve never made something like this before, but am really looking forward to trying out the new technique. I had to stop by Joanne’s last night to pick up another skein of yarn and an M hook because that’s what this pattern calls for. Yay for new crochet hooks and yarn!

    Please check out his blog! You’ve got to see his adorable doggy Otis.


  4. ahh, I have a brown Boston, his name is tide. Otis is adorable! Stay warm up in the Tundra, it’s 80 here in Florida.

  5. I will post a picture of Otis when the hat arrives. Please note that I do not dress Otis up for the sake of dressing him. It is purely for the purpose of keeping him warm. He just doesn’t have enough hair on him to do the job in this climate. I actually think it is humiliating for dogs to have to submit to such human behavior or tendencies.

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