Now I Am Really Pissed Off

If I haven’t been agitated enough for one day, I run across this article.

This bothers me in no way that I am even capable of describing. This makes me feel ill to my stomach.

Please some one with lots of contacts or readers repost this and let the world know. Please.


4 responses to “Now I Am Really Pissed Off

  1. This really upset me on Saturday when I kept hearing it on the radio news,as they were leading up to doing this. Especially when they said there were zoos willing to take on the animal.

    It’s bad enough that they are cooped up & not in their natural habitats but that really was a senseless killing of a healthy young giraffe.

    And all those people who came to watch – that just doesn’t seem normal to me.


  2. One really good reason that all zoo’s should be closed. We have a small zoo here that I think should not be there. They are having a hiring campaign starting next weekend. The job requirements are more based on Zoo Appearances than qualifications to do the job. ie no visible tattoo’s, only women can have ear rings, Men’s hair must be above the collar, no colored hair, women’s nails only a certain length and only specific colored facial hair. Non of that has anything to do with job performance as I can see.
    I know people that had worked there in the past. They receive no training, just thrown in with the animals.
    The zoo is how ever under the watchful eye of the animal activists constantly.
    I would like to get a season’s pass and go there on a daily basis for a while and do a safety audit on the place.
    No animal should be caged or paraded around.
    Sorry I’m off on a tangent here.
    Just came in from doing the snow!!! I think I am okay, although not 100% sure. Otis is doing okay, he is getting closer and closer to landing in the pond, I think I have to go out and find a way to fence off the area. He gets off the little trail that they made and is so close to going over the edge now. He wants spring to come so he can play outside. It has been cold enough here that he has managed to freeze both of his ears. He is only out long enough to do what he has to do and come in. Brutal winter this year.
    That is life, we must make the best of it.

  3. I don’t like zoos & am sceptical about the wildlife parks (though see they at least give the animals a better existence – plus a lot of the ‘better’ ones are conservationist ones that do breed endangered animals & then release them into the wild).

    I still cannot fathom how Copenhagen Zoo could allow this situation to happen. Watching a full interview with that bloke from the zoo who claimed it was ‘kinder’ to kill Marius than castrate him & let him live without being a father, that was complete garbage. I know that, even if I weren’t vegan, I’d feel the same, as I hate cruelty in any form. Those animals are being given an artificial existence so it’s up to them to ensure they are looked after properly & have as decent a life as they can in the circumstances (conservationists – bah! ‘No programme to release animals back into the wild’. How useless is that, then?)

    Again, being very sceptical, why would they have let Marius even be born if he was going to be ‘genetically unsuitable for breeding’? Could it be that a baby giraffe is a nice crowd-pleaser & gets in the paying punters? Then, when he stops being small & quite so interesting, rather than just quietly negotiate with some other zoos to get him taken off their hands, why let there be big publicity leading up to killing him, ensuring that there’s a big crowd of folk watching the public dissection & feeding of the carcass to the lions – you couldn’t buy publicity like that! The fuss is obviously going to put visitor numbers up…unless it all backfires on them & folk boycott the place.

    All this ‘they’d made up their minds so could be bullied by an online petition’ & ‘we weren’t prepared to let the other zoos adopt him because we wanted the space to go to one of our other genetically superior giraffes’ is balderdash. It’s not conservation killing a healthy animal that’s in no pain.

    Lots of arguing to the wrong point in the interview, too. He was comparing this to the culling of wild animals, such as rabbits & deer, in various countries to keep numbers down. I agree that’s also cruel – BUT those animals weren’t bred specially / there was no way of stopping them being born like there clearly is in a zoo. And saying that people shouldn’t be emotional about animals – that’s because we’re human & not unfeeling robots!

    I’m glad the local animal activists are keeping an eye on the zoo near you. I can’t see why someone’s appearance is absolutely anything to do with ability to look after animals & agree with you that they should be given proper training if doing a job like that.

    I hope Otis manages to keep away from your pond.

    Take care.


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