Another Day Another Ukulele Class

Today went well. We got into more detail about the actual strumming. The importance of singing, humming or some method of having the melody in your head. Most importantly knowing the song that you are working on.

As time goes on and I have more lessons under my belt, I think that I will see some improvement in my ability to strum. Although I think that strumming for me will always be a second choice.

I had a chance to sit with the instructors assistant before class started and when he was strumming a couple of songs I was able to tell immediately what he was playing. He was not just doing the standard DDUDU type of strum, he was throwing some other little bits and pieces in there to enhance as it was certainly different from the standard that we have been doing in class. Impressive if I do say so.

Despite the tricky drive to the lesson with a multitude of car crashes along the way. (I will never understand peoples need to tailgate, especially when it is snowing and the roads are slick) The drive home was uneventful as the salters (salt trucks) had passed over all of the major roads. It was a good trip.

When I got home the mailman had already been. The inlays that I had ordered on Ebay from Japan arrived today. So after relaxing for a bit, having coffee and some toast. I set out to install the new product and fancy up my KALA that I won from Hawaii Music Supply. I can say that the inlay stickers were fairly easy to apply. I think that I will do it differently when I order the next sets for my other two Ukulele’s. I think I will cut at both ends of each inlay instead of making one cut in between the inlays as some of them tended to be just a little bit larger than needed. I had to trim two of the inlay stickers after they had been applied as they were wider than the fret board and folded over the sides. I decided to trim them so they would not have a chance to get caught on something (finger, piece of clothing etc) and rip off the fret board.

All in all I am happy with the out come. Certainly makes a visual change on the instrument. Here is a before and after shot of my Ukulele.

Kala KA_STG Before Inlay Decals

After the Inlay Decals applied

After the Inlay Decals applied


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