And So It Goes

So I had my first hour and a half Ukulele lesson today. I have to say that it was great. The instructor is well spoken and very knowledgeable. A Professional Musician and ever so patient. As well she has an aid, a former student who as it happens has a band. Thus making him an excellent assistant. He is as well very friendly and patient and knowledgeable. Both have great senses of humour.

This is such a win win situation for everyone. There is 7 or 8 students making up this class. So the teacher to student ratio is great. Especially after paying $50.00 for a couple hour lesson with over 50 students, no opportunity to ask questions and no one to advise of mistakes or help correct them.  How could I possibly go wrong? Absolutely totally an impossibility. This is going to be great.

Today we got to know each other a little bit. Discovered that we are all basically at the same level, which is a really good thing.

Although this is still not exactly what I want to learn as far as Ukulele goes it is something that I feel I have to bite the bullet and learn never the less. So I am going in totally aware and excited to absorb everything that is thrown at me. Down the road I will find a way to get more knowledge in the picking area. As I have said the strumming does not do great things for me not being a singer, I have a really hard time feeling (and hearing) the songs when I am on my own. I have however set my goals and the first is to successfully complete the course. My second goal is to increase my ability with picking. My practice time everyday will have to be increased to cover both area’s.

Today’s lessons covered the chords, C, Am, F, G, D, D7, in three songs. With ample time to go over each song and not just doing it over and over and over. We also were taught a few different methods of strumming.  All in all I would highly recommend these classes to anyone that is in the learning process.

I can honestly say that when there are people singing that it all makes sense to me. The whole problem for me is that I do not sing. The fellow that is assisting the instructor told us that prior to his getting a Ukulele he did not sing. After taking the classes and learning what needed to be learnt he said that he now sings. Not just with the Uke, but he has started singing for the band. The point being that  as you go through the course that you will  in fact start singing. It may not be great at first, but the more you sing the better it will become as your voice finds it’s self.

I would have to say that this is a really good start to the new year. As an added bonus there are three different jam sessions that take place during the week. I figure that once I gain some knowledge and confidence that I will most certainly start taking part in those as well.

All in all I’d say it was a really good day.



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  1. I was accidentally signed in to the Monterey Uke Club’s website that I manage. That last message should have come from ME – Rhan Wilson!!!

    Have a fun time learning!

    Rhan Wilson

  2. Happy New Year!!
    It will be good learning, only downfall is that this is only going to benefit me when I am around other people that can sing. Otherwise it does not sound like anything to me as you know. I really don’t envision me singing anytime soon.
    I will be working on picking so I can entertain myself. I really do understand the need to learn strumming though. And do have the desire to learn.

  3. Don’t think of it as a downfall – it’s all music, and it’s all important to know. The more you know, the more you can pick and choose what information you need at any given time. Knowledge is power!! And any rhythm information you gain, is applicable to whatever style of playing you intend to focus on. Congratulations!


  4. Hi Bill,

    So glad to hear your lesson went well & it seems you’ve made a good choice there in your selection of class. I too wasn’t used to signing when I joined our uke group & find it much easier now. The jam session sound like they could be good fun also.

    One thing that might help when you’re at home is strumming along to a recording. You can either find versions of the songs you are learning on-line (eg YouTube) &, if they are in the right key, will be able to strum along to the singing & playing of the performers.

    Or do what we’ve done in our group to help us practice at home – if your fellow players are amenable, record yourselves in your practice session & make your own playalong track. (If the others students aren’t keen, maybe the instructorr & assistant would be kind enough to play & sing through things.)

    All the best & have a good weekend.


  5. I have been going through my collection of music this morning as I know that I have some of the songs, this will help me a lot. One never knows, the singing might kick in at some point. I’ll leave that up to Otis. If he stays in the room with me or if he has to start howling to cover up the noise I make. These will surely be determining factors!
    As far as the Jam sessions go, I will hold off for a bit until I gain a bit of confidence in myself and my ability.
    Hope the new year is off to a good start for you. Snowing here now covering up the remaining ice that people have not cleared up. Tomorrow brings with it temps in the 6 – 8 C range with rain. So we can say good bye to a good amount of snow and ice. ( I may be able to see the top of my van as I have not been able to get the ice removed that is covering it right now. This will be a short lived break in the winter as next week it will drop in temp and back with the snowfall.
    All the best to you.

  6. Hi Bill,
    I’ve been seeing the news reports for Canada & the States, so wasn’t sure how badly you were being hit. I knew you had your generator so hoped that you were both warm & safe even as this winter was going crazy! Glad it’s calmed down a little, at least for a few days.
    Our Tuesday night uke sessions started again after the Xmas break, so that was good. We usually get new players during Jan & we had two this week, unusually both with musical backgrounds – one a professional viola player & the other who plays bass guitar already. If we get a few more, we may run out of seats!
    Best wishes.

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