Santa Came For Otis

Once again it is that time when the Jolly Old Fat Guy sneaks into the house to leave something for the little ones. Trying to get one past a sleeping Otis is not always so easy. Trying to do this without waking the little guy. If he wakes up to a new toy there is no chance of getting him to settle down again for hours.

Santa Drop 1How ever if Santa is really careful and quiet it is do-able.

Santa Drop 2This is not looking so good, we have a partial wake up happening here.

Santa Drop 3Oh My, what is this?

Santa Drop 4To busy of a day yesterday and still a little to sleepy to know what has happened, it’s back to sleep for a couple of hours. But you better watch out when I wake up.

DSCF5371I think I am going to like this new toy, it is an American Kennel Club toy. I do like them so!

DSCF5372Santa also brought me a package of Pup-peroni (the puppy version of Pepperoni) but my dad said I am not allowed to have the package cause I might eat them all at once thus causing my dad to abandon me cause I might stink him out of the house.

Happy Christmas Everyone.