2013 Ice Storm

A crippling storm took it’s toll on much of southern Ontario. I have to consider myself lucky that we sustained no damage to ourselves or our home. The power was out for 37 hours. Some less fortunate still have no power days after the fact. Some died because of miss-use of equipment. Carbon Monoxide and  people do not mix well.

I wanted to share some photo’s of the pretty trees that are iced over. However they still remain to be a threat and are capable of being deadly if the wind should pick up, they would just snap like twigs. These are just the trees on my block, and they are tame in comparison to others that I have seen.









DSCF5368of course what would be a set of photo’s with out Otis the snow dog.


DSCF5348Of course Otis can barely walk in the back yard as it is just one big skating rink. No more soft snow until we get the next snowfall. Then of course it will be super dangerous to walk on as it will just be slide until you stop as you can not see any safe places to walk. Of course that would make no difference if you can’t see anyhow.




4 responses to “2013 Ice Storm

  1. My trailer is way out buried in a mountain of snow and ice now. Only way to get to it now is to walk the 1/4 mile on the ice (not going to happen)
    Did you rid yourself of the funk you found yourself in?
    Get that Christmas dinner going and all is good.

  2. It looks so peacefull, here we have no snow but, some storms. The wind have ripped over trees in the forest so it must have been heavy. Have a great christmas to you and otis :) Hope you don´t have to be without power!

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