Yes We Have Been Restored!!!

They may have laughed at me when I purchased the generator. I am here to tell you they were not laughing anymore after a 37 hour power blackout.

We sustained a really nasty Ice Storm this weekend. The power went out at 10  on Friday night. The house was really nice and warm, so I thought best to wait to get the generator dug out of it’s hiding spot in the garage until the morning unless I felt the temperature drop to drastically.

Saturday morning arrives and the house is still comfortable, although the pond has frozen over. Firstly I have to have coffee so I got a single burner campstove and boiled my water for the french press coffee pot, while waiting for the water to boil I ground the coffee beans by means of an antique hand held Albanian coffee grinder. The timing is perfect as just as I finish grinding the coffee beans the water is at a rolling boil. 4 minutes later I am enjoying the freshest of coffee. After the coffee I poked holes in the ice in the pond to allow for some air to meet the water. The fish were all hanging in the bottom in an almost suspended state. I dug out the generator and got it started connected the line that will power the furnace and another to power the heater for the pond.

The roads are almost impassable with only fools running up and down the street. The ice on the sidewalks is about an inch thick and really slick. My first mission was to check in on my elderly neighbor who just had his 87th birthday. I told him that if he and his wife needed a place to go they were more than welcome to come to my house for warmth and food and hot coffee. I then went to the neighbor on the other side who I help out with snow shoveling and grass cutting and she was on the chilly side, so I invited her and her puppy over, My housemate put the word out that anyone that needed somewhere to go could come over, the grand daughter, her husband and her daughter , of the elderly neighbor (we are good friends) needed some where to go that they could bring their Bearded Dragon as well, came and stayed with us, as well as a young single mom from a couple of towns over who is also a friend really needed a place to bring the baby (she was able to find transportation to us). My elderly neighbor showed up on his own as his wife was at the hospital for dialysis. He stayed for some time and then went home to get his fireplace up and running. And then of course a few stragglers showed up.

I have to say I am so happy that I was paranoid and had to make that purchase of a generator. We were able to keep warm and give something back to our neighbors and friends. We were out of hydro for 37 hours. I was very happy to see the power come back on.  There is a tremendous amount of damage around from downed trees. The roads are a mess and the sidewalks are nearly unusable. Most stores were closed for the entire event. Gas stations sold out of gasoline with in hours. some of the larger stores that had power and were open soon kicked everyone out and locked out because of really rude uncontrollable customers. Some say that it was almost like the chaos of the shopping on black Friday in the US.

I am thankful that I was able to do something to help out my friends and neighbors. It does good to ones heart and soul to be able to reach out and offer assistance to those that are in need.

I guess in my own little way it is my attempt to make this a better world. If one person does a good deed for a few people that might just trickle down and they might do something and so on and so forth.

Brightest Blessings everyone.

Oh and Merry Christmas to one and all.


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  1. I’m happy that I was able to do something. Everyone is back in there respective homes. I have now exhausted all my sources to get salt to clear the 3cm of ice in the driveway and sidewalk. Have been told that there will not be any shipments in now until after new years. I could have got some yesterday but the line up was around the block and it was cold out. Plus I wasn’t sure I could carry it home as I had a cart full of groceries. I will be so happy if and when I get my van repaired. We are on a cold stretch now so I am not venturing out to anything unless it is an emergency.
    Have fun getting all of your Christmas Preparations completed. On to the celebratory state. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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