The Yule Spirit Is Still Alive

I was actually struck silent. I had to venture out in to the cold this afternoon. Prescription refills and a stop in the grocery store.

I will never understand how the line ups can be so long in the grocery store during the day on a weekday. How ever, I was able to witness something that I have not seen in years.

A middle age couple where standing at the cash out in the grocery store. I knew that they were short on funds as they were adding each item as it was going through the register. Picking items that they really needed and moving items of not such importance to the side. The gentleman told the cashier he had $25.00. So they were watching closely as they were coming to the last items.

They were at $23 and still had 5 items to go. The young lady picked one item and the total came to $26 at that point. The gentleman said it was good $26 was good, although he was sorry he could not get the remaining items. The next lady in line said to the cashier, can you please ring those last items through for them and I’ll cover the difference. The couple said no, really you don’t have to do that, the lady insisted.

I thought the couple were going to start to cry, they were so grateful. They said thank you but were troubled that they could not offer any more than that. I have not witnessed acts of public kindness like that for a very long time. I would offer the same if I had any extra money, being on a fixed income makes that nearly impossible.

The reaction from the other people in the line was one of amazement. I heard the cashier as the lady if she had known the couple and was told no. Then responded with “that is so nice of you”.

I am so pleased to see that the true meaning of Christmas is still alive in the hearts of some. I just wish that there were more of these random acts of kindness happening at Christmas and of course the rest of the year. Maybe just maybe there is hope for humanity as long as there are people like this still within the communities.

Brightest Blessings Everyone